Mr Wade Goodrick
Junior Lecturer
1B 26C
IB 41
051 4013069
Main Building: South Block 26C

Short CV

Wade Goodrick holds a Masters (M.A – cum laude) in Sociology from the University of the Free State (Bloemfontein, South Africa) and is currently a Junior Lecturer in Sociology at this same university. Since 2011, he has been teaching several modules in the Department of Sociology; currently he lectures in the following modules: the sociology of developing societies; population and environmental sociology; and the sociology of consumerism and consumption.

As a young academic, Wade sought to specialise in the Sociology of Population and Environment, with a specific focus on the role of population dynamics – especially population ageing – in developmental policy design. He is currently working towards his PhD that is concerned with the social construction of the perception of risk associated with unconventional gas extraction in South Africa.


Publications (Short List)

  • Goodrick, WF. 2013. Policy implications and challenges of population ageing in South Africa. Masters Dissertation, University of the Free State.
  • Goodrick WF & Pelser AJ. 2014.The greying of a rainbow nation: Policy responses to the implications of population ageing in South Africa.African Population Studies28(1) Vol. 28, No. 1 (Supplement on Population Issues in South Africa): 648-660.

Area(s) of Interest

  • Population policy – Specifically the development of policy dealing with the ageing of populations and its associated challenges and implications.
  • Consumerism and consumption – Particularly the evaluation, acquisition and consumption (utilisation) of technology and new media.
  • Risk perception, construction and communication – How people and society construct their ideas and understandings of what constitutes risk.
  • The socio-economic and political implications of unconventional oil and gas (UOG) extraction – Especially UOG extraction by means of hydraulic fracturing.

Courses Presented

SOCC2614: The sociology of consumerism and consumption. This module explores the role of human beings as consumers and their behaviour in contemporary consumer society. Themes covered in this module include: consumers and consumerism; the historical context of consumerism and consumption; theoretical perspectives concerning consumerism and consumption; identity and consumption; living in a consumer society; and the consumer-citizenship debate.

SOCP2624: Population Dynamics and Environmental Issues. This module focuses on the relationship between the social and natural environment, specifically on facets of human interaction that can disturb the balance of this relationship. Topics covered in this module include: the nature and extent of environmental issues; the nature and extent of human population growth as an issue; the formulation of population policy; and sustainability as a solution to the environmental crisis.

SOCC6808: Sociology of Consumerism and Consumption. This module explores several themes pertaining to the broad and ever-growing knowledge base of consumerism and consumption. Topics include: the epistemological underpinnings of the sociology of consumerism and consumption; theorising about consumerism and consumption; and applied topics such as the consumerism and consumption of the body and technology.


Previously presented:

SOCI1514: An introduction to sociology (2011-2015)

SOCI1624: Social institutions and social change (2011-2015)

SOCR3728: Research sociology (2010-2013)

SOS214: Developing Societies (2013-2016)


T: +27 51 401 2240 or

Marizanne Cloete: +27 51 401 2592

Katlego Mabulana: +27 51 401 2495
Juanita Hlongwane: +27 51 401 3269

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