Programme description

Casted as Science-for-the-Future (S4F), the project is hosted by the UFS Faculty of Education and is designed within both the university and community engagement spheres. The project is aimed at tackling the challenge of mathematics and science teaching and learning in South Africa. It equips teachers and learners with knowledge, skills, resources, and promotes parents’ involvement in their children’s learning. This is done through training sessions, hands-on, minds-on activity sessions, and participant interaction. The project follows a constructivist philosophy of teaching and learning.
Programme mission

The challenges regarding Mathematics and Science teaching and learning in South Africa are common knowledge. Teachers who lack the necessary content knowledge and teaching skills, shortages or no teaching resources at school or at home, the lack of parent involvement, and the language of learning and teaching that differs from home languages, are prevalent in many South African schools, especially in the rural areas. Research indicates that these are influential factors in successful teaching and learning; it is subsequently no surprise, but alarming that the cohort pass rate for 2017 indicates that only about 40% of Grade 2 learners will eventually pass matric if the current trend continues. This huge dropout rate calls for urgent interventions in the early school years, especially with a gateway subject such as Mathematics.

The fact that about 40% of learners who enrolled for Grade 10 in 2015 passed Grade 12 in 2017 is a clear indication that learners are not prepared for the challenges of Grade 10-12. In order to address the pedagogical issues at hand and change the status quo, S4F decided to focus on alternative ways to make a difference.

Albert Einstein once said “… insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. This resulted in the mission statement of S4F that advocates a non-traditional approach to Mathematics and Science teaching and learning.

Programme content
  • Family Math and Family Science
  • Key concepts in Maths and Science – a 21st century approach
  • Material centre
  • Physical Science ICT laboratory
  • Interactive exhibits
  • Family Math and Family Science training facility.
Mathematics and Science support to learners

The Science-for-the-Future (S4F) programme focuses on Mathematics and Science support to learners, teachers, and parents.

For more information, contact:
Bishop Billyboy Ramahlele
T: +27 51 401 2822
C: +27 82 401 3279

Karen Venter
T: +27 51 401 3732
C: +27 83 310 3715

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