Prof Angelique Van Niekerk
Associate Professor
Afrikaans and Dutch; German and French
9B 213
Afrikaans Dutch German and French
IB 20
051 4012816
Flippie Groenewoud Building: Block B 213

Short CV



    Name: Angelique van Niekerk

    Date of birth: 6 SEPTEMBER 1969

    Place of birth: Bloemfontein

    Work address: 
    Department of Afrikaans and Dutch, German and French, University of the Free State
    PO Box 339

    Telephone: (051) 401 2339/401 2542 (w)  082 477 7850


    Nationality: RSA citizen              



1987:     Matriculate at Sand du Plessis Secondary School in Bloemfontein (Four distinctions).

1990:     Obtains the degree BA Communication Science at the UOFS, majoring in the following: Afrikaans and Dutch, Communication Science, Business Communication (Cum laude).

                1991:     Obtains BA Honours in Afrikaans and Dutch at the UOFS (Cum laude).

                1992:     Obtains MA in Afrikaans and Dutch at the UOFS (Cum laude).

                1996:     Obtains PhD in Afrikaans and Dutch at the UOFS.

                2002:     Obtains MA Communication Science at the UFS (Cum laude).

2004:     Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal (Internationally recognised examination in Dutch – cum laude) from The Netherlands Language Union.

2009:     CPCC online copy-writing course: effective radio advertising accredited by the Radio Advertising Bureau, USA.


                2.2    FIELDS OF SPECIALISATION

Disciplines and areas applicable:


  • Applied Linguistics
  • Copywriting (marketing language)
  • Teaching a foreign language in an e-learning environment (Dutch and Afrikaans)
  • Pragmatics/Discourse analysis
  • Semantics


  • Morphology
  • Language teaching and testing
  • Listening skills



  • Member of the Linguistics Society of Southern Africa (LVSA/LSSA), 1992 -
  • Secretary and treasurer for the LSSA 1996–1999.
  • Member of the Executive Committee (co-opted) of LSSA, 2000–2001.
  • Member of the Southern African Society for the Dutch Language 1994 – .
  • Member of the Southern African Society for the Language Teaching 1995–2005.
  • Member of the South African Academy for Science and Art 1998 –.
  • Secretary of the South African Academy for Science and Art Free State Work Community 1999–2003.
  • Treasurer of The Netherlands-South Africa Association 2002–2011.
  • Member of the South African Communication Association, SACOMM 2008 -.




2011:   Graphology in print advertising: iconic functions.  (mede-outeur:  A.G. Jenkinson).  Journal for New Generation Sciences, 9(2):  116–134.  ISSN:  1684 4998.

2012:   A discourse-analytical investigation into the nature of Afrikaans and English radio advertisements.  (mede-outeur:  M. Bertram).  Hoofstuk 13.  In:  Dimensions of advertising theory and practice in Africa.  ISSN:  978-2-35926-018-2.

2013:   Interactive print advertisements vs. interaction in print advertisements.  (mede-outeur:  G. Keyser).  Communitas, 18.  ISSN:  1023-0556.

2013:   The use of sexual controversy in South African advertising: a pragmatic analysis.  (mede-outeur:  A.G. Jenkinson).  Language Matters, 44(2):  29-46.  ISSN:  0199735719.

2014:   Pragmatiek.  In:  Kontemporêre Afrikaanse taalkunde.  (red. W.A.M. Carstens en N. Bosman).  Van Schaik uitgewers.  ISSN:  978 06 27 03019 2.

2014:   Woordspeling en die vorming van handelsname in gedrukte advertensiekommunikasie.  LitNet Akademies, 11(1):  188-229.  ISSN:  1995-5928.

2014:   Retoriese stylfigure as intellektuele spel in advertensiekommunikasie.  (mede-outeur:  E. Lubbe).  Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe, 54(3):  446-461.  September..  ISSN:  0041-4751.

2014:   Literary genres as points of interest in print advertising.  (mede-outeur:  M.S. Conradie).  Journal for New Generation Sciences, 12(2):  126-146.  ISSN:  1684 4998.

              2015:   The use of linguistic tokenism to secure brand loyalty:  Code-switching.  (mede-outeur:  M.S. Conradie).    Language Matters, 46 (1). ISSN:  0199735719.


Creative research-related output

2009:     Two CD-ROMs for Afrikaans as foreign language: Gesellig Afrikaans.

2010:     The CD-ROM to learn Afrikaans includes English and Sesotho as medium of tuition. Launched in August 2010.




E-learning project in collaboration with the E-learning section of the UFS for learning Dutch for students with prior knowledge of Afrikaans. The course prepares students for the annual international CNaVT examination.


Teaching award: E-learning, UFS 2013: first place: innovative teaching methods: For AFN 224. Dutch module.


2010 –:

August: Copy-writing project: Applied advertising communication: A Research project based on my teaching within the discipline marketing communication and given my research focus (papers and articles) and workshops were launched with seed funding from the NRF and the research committee of the Faculty of the Humanities. With my accredited research outputs in this regard, I envisage a copy-writing publication with CD-ROM backup aimed in particular at the teaching of undergraduate students in the near future. The aim is to address the gap in the field, particularly in South Africa and the focus is specifically on an applied linguistic analysis of advertising communication in South Africa. The envisaged final research product will be undertaken in collaboration with marketing communication scientists, specifically practising copy-writers. Discussions have already taken place with important role-players from advertising schools like AAA and graphic design institutions, including the local Central University for Technology (CUT).



Interdissiplinary project  2014

Maart 2014: Co-worker: Representations of Otherness and Resistance. Centre for Africa Studies. Project leader: Prof. H. Hudson.


This five-year project seeks  to capture the multi-layered nuances of spatial, temporal and sonic dynamics within the context of Africa, and more specifically South Africa, as these relate to the core pillars of various artistic and alternative creative forms of representation of otherness and resistance.


Project envisaged

An entrepreneurial project with the copy-writing students at the UFS to roll out advertising material for “Goeie Saak Suid-Afrikaanse Handelsname” (Worthy Cause Brands) on the basis of the work done and entered for the national advertising competitions over the past three years. Marketing material is available for inspection.


T: +27 51 401 2240 or

Marizanne Cloete: +27 51 401 2592

Katlego Mabulana: +27 51 401 2495
Juanita Hlongwane: +27 51 401 3269

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