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Pause, Reflect and Succeed

With a little under 3 weeks left of semester 1 of the 2024 academic year, we want to ensure that no Kovsie student is left behind. Take your academic success back into your control! In your preparations ahead of the main mid-year examinations, we want to help you pause, reflect, and, most importantly, succeed!

Whether it is helping you snack on brain foods, get mental support, get enough sleep, or even understand what Supplementary Exams are, this is the edition for you.  Enjoy this read! Write best!

Advice from the Block - First Edition

As you settle into the new academic year, as a first year or senior, here is some advice on how to navigate varsity, seniority and becoming an employable graduate. This edition of the Kovsie Advice seeks to aid and steer you in the right direction of reaching your academic success.

Kovsie Advice Exam edition

Hey Kovsies, as you approach the exam season this magazine intends not only to inspire you but to also provide you with tools to use before your exams.

Reflect, Review, Proceed: Intentional about my academics!

“Life is already hard enough, don’t let your academics pile on to that. This edition of the #KovsieAdvice is here to help you ace your academics and plug you with the right tools as you settle in the semester and prepare for the world of work. So, dive into this edition, and get your intentions set on excelling in your academic journey!”

Exam Tips and Tricks

As you prepare for your mid-year exams, don’t be caught off guard but take a moment to read through the “Exam Tips and Tricks” edition of the #KovsiesAdvice which is filled with useful tips you can make use for as you prepare for your exams. Enjoy this short and sweet edition.  From your Central Academic Advising team - Good luck with your exams. You’ve got this, Kovsie!

One spirit, one team and one win!

Sometimes as senior students you may feel there is not enough support to get you through the finishing line of your academic journey. AT CTL we want to ensure no student is left behind by providing you with this edition of the magazine. You will find information regarding your campus’s support services and important dates, as well as strategies for staying on track.

Hello Kovsie First-year 2023

At this very moment you are right in the swing of things, earned your place at uni and making your dreams a reality…if you haven’t heard it enough, congratulations!  
While you are living in the now of your new journey, the advising team has put together an impactful magazine to help guide you on path to success. 

#UFSMyAdvice: Hello First-Year, is packed with articles that speak to the importance of living by values to help you navigate this new adventure!
Enjoy reading through this mindful edition that speaks to how you can take parts of where you come from, into your future.  

University of the Free State is proud to have you!


A new year brings with it a fresh outlook on your academic goals to success. Before the academic activities get ahead of you, it is important to know what is going on around you, where you find yourself and where to go when in need of help. This edition provides you with the necessary information to see yourself taking back control of your academics.

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