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Film and Visual Media Home


The University of the Free State is now offering an exciting, interdisciplinary honours degree in Film and Visual Media. Our programme is unique because students will integrate film history and theory with making their own short films. The two parts enrich one another, so students’ practical work is conceptually much stronger, and their written work is more balanced.

The programme is presented as a full-time, one-year course through the following three compulsory modules (although students are welcome to enquire about the possibility of completing just one module):

  • History of Film (FVMH6800)
    Students are introduced to how film has developed from the earliest examples to classic Hollywood and South African films.
  • Approaches to the moving image (FVMA6800)
    Students learn to contextualise film in terms of the various theoretical and critical approaches which will help them to better understand the philosophy of film and its relationship to society.
  • Research report aligned with studio research (FVMR6800)
    The research project in this case involves students creating a short film/documentary/music video AND writing a research report (“mini-dissertation”) based on their own film.

Closing date for Applications: 19 November 2017

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