Honours in Political Science

Application procedure

All applicants must send the following documents to Dr Eben Coetzee (CoetzeeE2@ufs.ac.za) before or on 29 October 2019:

  • A certified copy of the applicant’s academic/study record
  • Copies (if possible) of any written work (assignments) in Political Science at third year level.

Additionally, all applicants must write a TALPS-test, the results of which must reach Dr Eben Coetzee before or on 29 October 2019. Applications will be informed of the outcome of their application via email. Successful candidates will be invited for a final round of selection to be held on Friday 15 November 2019, at 10:00 in Flippie Groenewoud Building (UFS Campus), Room 113.

Honours Admission Requirements

In addition to the requirements as presented in 1.4 under General Information in the Rule Book of the Faculty of The Humanities, the following requirements apply:

  • Candidates must hold an Exit Level 7 qualification with at least 96 credits in Political Science.
  • An overall average mark of at least 65% in Political Science must have been obtained.
  • Admission is subject to departmental approval.

Option 1: Political Dynamics

Consists of the following modules:

  • Political Science Research Methodology and Proposal
  • Advanced Political Theory
  • Contemporary Approaches to Comparative Politics
  • Global Political Economy and the Politics of Regionalism
  • Research Report Political Science

Option 2: International Relations

Consists of the following modules:

  • Political Science Research Methodology and Proposal
  • Contemporary Thinkers in International Relations
  • Global Political Economy and the Politics of Regionalism
  • Foreign Policy and Diplomacy
  • Research Report Political Science


POLS6816: Political science research methodology and proposal
Lecturer: Dr Eben Coetzee
This module prepares students to scientifically approach the writing of assignments, as well as to write a research proposal and to complete a research essay. This module also enables students to explain the scientific nature of research and meta-theory; assess the aspects concerning scientific research; and consider the qualitative and quantitative methods and techniques in scientific research.

POLS6836: Advanced political theory
Lecturer: Dr Anneli Botha
The aim of this module is to provide the student with an insight into the nature of a differentiated society and the unique place and role of the state within such a society - taking into account both the rich legacy of political philosophy and contemporary paradigms.

POLS6826: Contemporary approaches to comparative politics
Lecturer: Mamokhosi Choane
This module deals with the forms of state and organisation of government. All modern governments are also organised according to the principle of the separation of powers. The module applies these theoretical principles to the South African constitutional dispensation. Other case studies of “new” democracies are also studied for comparative purposes.

POLS6856: Contemporary thinkers in international relations
Lecturer: Prof Hussein Solomon
This module traces the evolution of the main debates in International Relations and studies a number of influential International Relations theorists from various schools of thought. Contemporary events affecting security and the global political economy are discussed in relation to the theoretical schools of thought and the thinkers’ contributions.

POLS6846: Global political economy and the politics of regionalism
Lecturer: Prof Hussein Solomon
This module analyses the globalisation of the world economy and its implications for world politics. Globalisation brought qualitative changes to the exercise of power and the way in which politics and the economy interact in the political-economic environment.

POLS6866: Foreign policy and diplomacy
Lecturer: Prof Theo Neethling
This module examines the theory and practice of foreign policy. The course also examines changing notions of diplomacy with specific reference to actors, issues and skills.

POLS6808: Mini-dissertation
A short mini-dissertation: a research project (±10 000-12 000 words) proceeding from independent research in the context of the research proposal (PTW601).


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Juanita Hlongwane: +27 51 401 3269

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