SWPS 1514 Introduction to social service professions

Fundamental concepts in respect of social work as a profession are explained, among others what social work includes, the role and place of social work, the methods used to render services to the individual, family, group and community within the South African context. The module provides an image of the historical development and the field/domain of social work within the framework of the social environment. The second part of the module, ‘the logic of the discipline’ provides an introduction to social work practice perspectives, theories and intervention models as part of the toolkit for the social worker to engage the individual, family, group and community. The focus to emphasise the interconnectedness between human problems, life situations and social conditions.

SWPC 1614 Social work with the individual

The module aims to provide students with personal life skills on their way to becoming a social worker, as well as professional knowledge and social work skills on the case work process. This will enable the student to render effective social work services to individuals.

SWPD 1624 Social work with communities

This module introduces the student to community work as one of the primary methods of social work. The emphasis is on community work and its contribution to community development. Attention is given to the role of the social worker in the community development process, prerequisites for functioning in a multi-professional team, and project management. After completion of this module the student will be able to plan and manage a project effectively.

SWPS 1524 Social work service rendering context

This module is an introduction to the social work service rendering context, report writing, academic writing, use of academic resources and referencing, general office administration, social security, professional conduct, ethical code, inter disciplinary teamwork, historical overview of social work and the various roles of social workers in the judicial system. Learners are also introduced to welfare agencies in all six fields of service. The purpose is to equip learners with basic knowledge on the context in which social work services are rendered.


SWPC 2714 Casework intervention models

The module aims to provide you with knowledge and skills on the stages and steps of the problem management model. It further covers the strengths perspective as a theoretical framework for the intervention model. The module will also have an introduction to cultural wealth theory as a theoretical strengthening of the strengths perspective. This will enable a student to get therapeutically involved in the client’s living world and to base assistance rendering through the casework method on theory relevant to the client’s context.

SWPG 2614 Social work with groups

The objective of the module is to convey basic knowledge on the theoretical framework of social group work, to give an overview of group work intervention and to apply the group work process and report writing skills practically so that the learner will be able to develop an understanding of the nature and application of social group work. The value of the module in Social Group Work for a second year student is that the learners will get the opportunity to integrate theory and practice in simulated situations so that they can be prepared for application of the whole group work process in the clinical module in the third year.

SWPL 2624 Welfare law

The purpose of this module is to introduce the learner to welfare legislation and legal procedures in South Africa. The student should be able to understand the content of the most significant welfare laws and use this legislation ethically and accountably in order to improve the quality of life of client systems from a social work perspective.

SWPS 2622 Diversity in social work context

The module on diversity in social work is intended to equip learners with the necessary knowledge and skills in order to develop a positive attitude towards diversity and preparing students to be able to work with clients from all diversity. Attention is further given to the different cultural groups in South Africa and their characteristics as potential clients.

SWPS 2624 Social issues

The aim of this module is to explore and describe various forms of social problems or issues found in society and to clarify the role and task of the social worker in dealing effectively with these challenges.


SWPC 3714 Social work with the child

The aim of the module is to introduce client-centred and Gestalt play therapy to students so that they are able to assess and therapeutically intervene with children in a social work context. With the completion of the module, students should have a basic theoretical knowledge of child-centered play therapy and Gestalt play therapy, be able to apply their knowledge to assess children, and to therapeutically intervene from the mentioned theories.

SWPF 3714 Social work with families

The purpose of this module is to bring the student up to date with family systems therapy so that they are able to assess and do therapeutic intervention with families.

SWPP3712 Group work practicum

The module deals with the application of the theoretical framework of social group work as set out in SWPG 2614, in terms of the administrative aspects and preparation, goal formulation, phases and structure, programme planning, group work principles and – skills, group dynamics and helping aids and – resources. The application of co-leadership, the Problem Solving Model, planning and execution of six group work sessions are also addressed. The module’s purpose is the practical application of growth orientated group work.

SWPD3712 Community work practicum

The aim of this module is to offer students the opportunity to implement community work knowledge and skills independently in the practical situation. In order to identify deficiencies and to activate development and growth, practical experience is gained in group context under the guidance of the supervisor/lecturer.

SWPL3724 Statutory intervention

This module deals with statutory intervention with the child and his/her family according to the Children’s Act no. 38 of 2005 and the Amended Act no. 41 of 2007. The ecosystems approach is used as conceptual framework and the module is continuously presented within a multi-cultural and multi-professional context. Statutory report writing is also .

SWPR3824 Social work research

SWPR3824 is an introductory module to the process of social work research. The student is enabled to complete a research project of limited scope in the fourth year. Attention is paid to the formulation of the research problem, research questions, the stating of research goals, the doing of a literature review, research designs, research methodology, ethics, and the writing of a research proposal.

SWPP 3722 Casework practicum

The aim of this module is to enable the student to implement the case work process in practice under the guidance of the supervisor. It is expected of the learners to apply the case work process through the utilisation of various techniques and -interventions to the benefit of the client and to compile the necessary documentation.


SWPA 4816 Advanced social work theory: Section A

The first part of the module deals with the importance of a grief and trauma-informed practice for the social worker by means of focusing on loss and trauma theories and intervention such as the crisis intervention and trauma counselling model. Different South African issues regarding loss and trauma events are addressed to enable students to connect theory with practice, thereby helping students to address specific client populations’ needs.

In the second part of the module the student is familiarised with the concepts of supervision, management and ethics. The student will be orientated of what can be expected from supervision, as well as basic knowledge of administration and/or management related aspects of practice. The social worker is confronted on a regular basis with ethical issues and decision related to the practice. It is important to take note of the ethical codes for social workers with regard to unethical behaviour
and how one’s own personal experiences and values will influence one’s ethical decisions.

SWPB 4816 Advanced social work theory: Section B

This module deals with the planning and implementation of group work according to appropriate social work intervention strategies and techniques in a diverse context in connection with pertinent social issues. Adventure based group work as a specific method of group work is discussed and practically experienced. Furthermore, this module aims to identify and describe specific social issues faced by the community that must be targeted as an area of intervention. By applying community resources and strengths, the identified social issue will be addressed through a scientific community intervention process. This module aims to define policy, to analyse aspects that have an influence on policy, and to understand the development process in order to develop and implement policy.

SWPR 4804 Research

Writing of a research report on a selected practice-based social work topic.

SWPP 4800 Clinical social work

Fourth year students do clinical work in case, group and community work under supervision of a field instructor within the context of a welfare institution. The main purpose is to integrate theory and practice through the application of generic social work and different intervention models within a diverse society.


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