Title: Community-based intervention programme for child-headed households

Description: This PhD study aims to design a community-based intervention programme for children from child-headed households from a specific town. The design of the programme will follow the steps of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to ensure a sustainable intervention.

Three related articles focusing on the following will be written:

  • i. Understanding the lives of children from child-headed households (through discovering what strengths they have in dealing with their challenges but also how they dream of a better live).
  • ii. Mobilising the community to design the community-based intervention programme.
  • iii. Sustaining the change (to ensure that the programme will contribute to the specific children living a quality life).


Title: Improvement of the quality of social work report writing

Description: The quality of social work reports is causing concern amongst social workers. Various factors contribute to this concern, but from the literature (Sebopela, 2011; Joubert & Van Wyk, 2014) it is clear that the status of report writing skills is a major contributor to this problem. This literature review was supplemented by a qualitative empirical investigation, exploring the perceptions and experiences of social workers regarding reports and possibilities for improvement.

Title: Addressing social work students’ awareness of self as an essential component of a loss and trauma syllabus by means of critical reflectivity

Description: One of the aims of social work education is the development and fostering of awareness and understanding in students of the impact of their personal prejudices, biases and stereotypes on interactions with client systems. Social work educators adhering to a social justice framework do this by engaging them in a process of critical reflectivity. Using a critical reflectivity perspective Kondrat’s (1999) alternative framework is applied for looking at the ‘self’ in self-awareness, while questions are posed about the story of ‘The horse on the dining-room table, thereby engaging students’ conceptualisation of the self on a macro level.  Through a macro-conceptualisation of the self, students become perceptive about societal structures and its decisive impact on them as professionals within a loss and trauma-informed practice.

Title: Whose responsibility is abused women?

Description: In this article the author will present the South Africa (developing country) and Sweden’s (developed country) legislation related to domestic violence and the implementation of the legislations, the extent to which the act has been effectively implemented followed by the occurrence of domestic violence in South Africa and in Sweden and the global guidelines for social workers rendering a service to victims of abuse. The article ends with possible suggestions for steps that need to be taken in order to significantly reduce human rights violations and to improve the South –African services to the victims of domestic violence with respect to violence and abuse perpetrated against women and children in the space of their homes.

Titel: Veranderde rolle van mans

Beskrywing: Die doel van hierdie studie is om ʼn verkennende, beskrywende studie te doen oor die invloed van die veranderde rol van die Afrikanerman van die een en twintigste eeu op hul huwelik, sodat daar riglyne gestel kan word vir: eerstens bematigingsprojekte vir mans wat onderskryf word deur wetgewing en beleid, tweedens in opleiding om die noodsaaklikheid van die rol van die man in die huwelik te definieer en derdens om riglyne vir huweliksterapie te ontwikkel.  

Title: Role players in the traffic court’s perception about suitable diversion programs for traffic offenders

Description: Previously research was conducted on the effectiveness of the traffic assignment diversion program that was developed by Mrs Joubert and Mr van Wyk. The follow up research focus on the perceptions and recommendations of role players working with traffic offenders to improve the traffic diversion program as the current Criminal Procedures Act 51 of 1977 does not have specific procedures in dealing with traffic offenders. Some role players (traffic officials) are of the opinion that diversion is not suitable for traffic offenders, while other role players are of the opinion that a fine as a sentence, does not deter people from re-offending, but has a negative impact on the accused and South Africa as they experience the negative consequences of having a criminal record.

Titel: ʼn Jungiaanse perspektief van sinchronisiteit in perdeondersteunde psigoterapie

Beskrywing: ʼn Beskrywende fenomenologiese ondersoek word na die belewenis kliënte van sinchronisiteite in die konteks van perdeondersteunde psigoterapie gedoen. Hierdie sinchronisiteite word vanuit ʼn klassiek-Jungiaanse siening verken, beskryf en verklaar.


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