2018 Timetable (contact sessions) for master's and doctoral students

These contact sessions are COMPULSORY for all new and existing master's and doctoral students, while monthly contact should be maintained between the supervisor and the candidate throughout the research period. Please take note that if you already attended the workshop on MSWord previously, you don't have to attend the workshop again, but the contact session and progress presentations are compulsory.

First contact session for: MSc (Module Code: GEHR8900) and PhD (Module Code: GEHR9100) Students
1 February 2018
 You are welcome to come and finalise your registration
2 February 2018
08:30-08:45 Orientation for all new and existing master's and doctoral students:
Ms A Allwright
09:00-12:45 Research methodology:
Dr M Gomo
13:15-14:30 Discussion of proposal and assigning of supervisors
Existing students must present progress reports: Contact your supervisor for an appointment

14:45-15:30 Guidelines on using MSWord styles; page numbering; table of contents; cross-referencing, etc. Guidelines for technical layout of dissertations/theses, referencing methods, list of sources, etc.
Dr F Fourie
First progress presentation dates.* It is the responsibility of the student to contact his/her supervisor for an appointment.
3 May 2018
PhD students
4 May 2018
MSc students     
Presentation Contact Session: Please note that this contact session is very important and that you must present your theses/dissertation otherwise your Supervisor will not approve your Notice of Submission.
2 August 2018
PhD students Presentation to academic panel: 15 minutes
Discussion: 30 minutes
3 August 2018
MSc students Presentation to academic panel: 15 minutes
Discussion: 15 minutes


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