Mining Geohydrology and Hydrology

Module description

This module focuses on groundwater influxes in mines, dewatering of mines, water quality management at mines, groundwater risk management, water balances, monitoring of groundwater, as well as modelling of groundwater flows and qualities in the mining environment. It deals with hydrology field techniques with a strong emphasis on surface water-groundwater interaction. It also explains basic flood hydrology and discusses the management of flood levels.

On completion of the module, the student is expected to:

  1. analyse and interpret groundwater influxes in mines
  2. calculate dewatering volumes and describe dewatering schemes
  3. apply groundwater models to estimate the volumes of groundwater influxes
  4. calculate water balances of a mine
  5. describe water management systems at a mine
  6. describe the risks associated with groundwater influxes and dewatering, and perform risk assessments
  7. apply hydrology field techniques in mines
  8. discuss surface water-groundwater interactions at a mine
  9. interpret the results of basic flood hydrology calculations
  10. explain everyday management of flood levels at a mine.

Lecturers involved
Mr. Paul Lourens
Mr. Fanie de Lange
Prof. Danie Vermeulen


Faculty Manager: Ms Lee-Ann Frazenburg
T: +27 51 401 3199

Marketing Manager: Mrs Elfrieda Lötter
T: +27 51 401 2531

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