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We are embracing technology at the UFS in 2021 by introducing an online-ONLY registration process for first-year, senior, and postgraduate students.

Online registration allows us to uphold the current lockdown regulations and to keep our students and staff safe. Therefore:

NO registration will take place on our campuses. Due to COVID-19 regulations and protocols, our registration process is online.
NO walk-in applicants will be allowed on our campuses because the university has reached its admissions capacity for 2021.
ONLY students requested by the respective faculties to return may access the campus. Students will be informed by their faculty if they are required to return during the first semester.

READ: Letter to Students from Prof Francis Petersen: Update on the 2021 Academic Programme  (15 January 2021)

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Offer Acceptance and 
Accept your offer l Rule Books | Registration Steps
Register Here (available from 8 February 2021) 
Offer Acceptance Guide l UFS Snapshot of Registration Guide 2021
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First-year students

First-year Students
First-year Orientation 
l Computer literacy skills l Welcoming Message by Prof Francis Petersen

We are happy to welcome our first post-COVID-19 students on our three campuses. The tertiary landscape has undergone many changes to adapt to our new way of doing things. But many things remained the same – like our eagerness to make you a part of the Kovsie family!

Senior students

Senior Students

Senior students registration guide
| MD students registration guide | Senior Orientation | Guide: Colour coded categories on academic records

is our website dedicated to student-related information. It will allow you password-protected access to all your personal information, as well as open access to general information applicable to all students.

International students

International Students

Being an international student can be a delightful or dreadful experience — depending on your preparation and support. Our International Affairs Office offers specialised administrative support to ease international students into their new environment and beyond.

Password Self-service

Password Self-service

We value your personal information and have put numerous security measures in place to ensure that your information remains safe. One such measure is sound password protocol. Access the self-service website to manage or reset your password.
You can also contact +27 51 401 2000 for assistance.


Centre for Universal Access and Disability Support

All three our campuses are highly accessible in terms of mobility and learning support. Get in touch via the CUADS website to find out how we can enhance your learning and/or living experience at the UFS.

Student finance

Financial Aid  |  Student Finance

We like to keep you informed and up to date on financial aspects. Visit our finance information page for registration fees, first payments, payment dates, who to contact, what financial support is available, and much more.

Academic advising

Academic Advising 
Central Advising | Curriculum Advising

Academic advising focuses on your educational experience and seeks to help you best plan and manage your educational journey. Find out about your curriculum (majors and minors) under Curriculum Advising, and if you are still exploring, connect with Central Advising.

Housing and residence

Housing and Residence

Are you placed in one of our residence? We are delighted to welcome you to our UFS residence community. Housing and Residence Affairs offers a variety of on-campus and accredited off-campus accommodation.


Central Blackboard  |  Blackboard: Open and Distance e-Learning

Blackboard is an online learning platform where you will find resources, activities, and assessments for your enrolled modules. Spend some time navigating the platform and checking in at least once per day for new messages and updates.


Official Timetables l Student self-service 

You will be able to generate a personalised timetable for the modules that you are enrolled for. If there are any clashes, you may have to opt for an evening (remote or face2face) class in one of your modules. 

Study material

Study Material

Visit the Study Material webpage for more information.


First-year Orientation  |  Senior Orientation

Familiarise yourself with our processes and procedures to ensure a smooth transition to tertiary studies and progress throughout your programme. We will continuously update you on any changes to the different delivery modes and requirements.

COVID-19 information

Postgraduate School  | Postdoctoral Fellows 
MD Students Registration Guide

We value and appreciate our students who choose to further their education, and we have various support resources in this regard. Make sure that you are familiar with all the requirements and your responsibilities to graduate successfully.

Computer literacy

Computer Literacy Skills for First-year Students

Work through this computer literacy skills content to learn the basic computer skills you need to be a successful university student at the UFS. There is content specific to studying at the UFS – so if you can, use the time before you start your academic year to work through this training package. 

Global protect app

GlobalProtect App

The UFS is  proud to  present GlobalProtect, a VPN portal that links you to learning resources for free while off­-campus. It hosts zero-rated resources, which means that you can access these websites through the GlobalProtect platform and are exempted from data fees when accessing them. The app is available for Android, iPhone, tablet, or laptop. Learn more about the app on the GlobalProtect webpage.

COVID-19 information

COVID-19 Information and Campus Access

For COVID-19-related information, including COVID-19 quick tips, news and opinions, campus communication on this topic, screening and access to campus, please visit our COVID-19 webpage


Campuses and General Information
Campus Maps l UFS Campuses | About the UFS | Connect with us |

Take a virtual walk through our campuses and get easy access to important information you may need. While we operate as one university, each of our well-equipped campuses boasts a unique character shaped by its history and natural environment.

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