What does UFS Student Affairs do?

Students, staff and members of the public are welcome to contact Student Affairs for the following matters:

  • Student Representative Council (SRC)
  • Student Associations
  • KovsieFM
  • Residence Committees
  • Residence Heads
  • Accommodation in residences
  • Kovsie Culture
  • Kovsie Leadership Development
  • Kovsie Rag
  • Financial matters
  • Student gatherings and functions on campus
  • Advertising campaigns on campus and at residences
  • Matters of student discipline
  • Student enquiries, advice and complaints from parents and members of the public
  • All extramural student needs

Safety and spiritual well-being on campus

Student Affairs, along with other divisions of the UFS, coordinate a variety of services to protect and assist students on our campuses.This includes:

  • provision of services to students with disabilities,
  • support to individuals with social and other adjustment-related problems,
  • safeguarding of walkways,
  • protection from and action taken towards sexual harassment and trauma of any nature.

These matters are proactively managed because we regard the interests and safety of our students as a non-negotiable concern.

As necessitated by the changing circumstances in our world, we try our best to ensure the general well-being of our students as far as possible by aligning ourselves with their personal safety needs. Ultimately the greatest contribution to the student's physical and psychological welfare and safety resides in the personal responsibility taken by the students themselves.

The following matters are of concern:


The UFS campuses are some of the safest campuses in the country. We go to a lot of trouble to ensure the physical safety of each student. Students who are new to the campus must familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations of the University and take note of the importance of their own responsibility in optimising their own personal safety.

Welcoming of new students

All Student Affair's introduction programmes are to be seen in the light of the University's intention to offer a warm welcome to new students, to ensure that their introduction to the University is a positive experience, and to prevent the violation of students' basic rights.

Narcotic substances

The University recognises the right of each student, within the bounds of national legislation and the Manual for Residence Committees, to use narcotic substances in a responsible manner. It is, however, an international occurrence that young persons, including students, are becoming increasingly guilty of the serious abuse of alcohol and drugs. From experience we know that this has very serious and dangerous consequences for many young people. Each student is thus made aware of the requirements of responsible use of narcotic substances and is warned about the possibility of dependency-forming habits.


All students are informed and prepared to take responsibility and be sensible on the terrain of sexual behaviour. Extensive support and counselling services are available.

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