Governance structures

The Chancellor The Council The Executive Committee of the Senate
The University Management Committee The Rectorate Representative Council

Declaration by the Council of the UFS  (pdf document)

Function of the Council:

The Council of the University of the Free State governs this higher education institution, subject to the Higher Education Act and the Institutional Statute. The full function and composition of the Council is contained in the Statute of the University of the Free State as amended (Government Gazette 20383 No. 1937 of 17 August 1999.)

Members and composition of the Council:

Chairperson: Mr W (Willem) Louw (2017/01/01-2018/12/31)

Vice-Chairperson: Dr NM (Nthabeleng) Rammile (2017/01/01-2018/03/12)
The Rector and Vice-Chancellor
Prof FW (Francis) Petersen

Vice-Rector (1)
Prof ML (Lis) Lange (2017/10/01 – 2018/09/30)

Appointed by the Minister of Higher Education and Training (3)
Mr D (Dan) Mosia (2016/09/07-2020/09/06)
Ms I (Itumeleng) Pooe (2016/07/01-2020/06/30)
Mr S (Sidney) Kgara (2015/01/01-2018/12/31)
Appointed by the Premier of the Free State (1)
Mr PHI (Tate) Makgoe (2014/11/01-2018/10/31)

Elected by the Senate (2)
Prof PD (Danie) Vermeulen (2017/01/01-2020/12/31)
Prof CMA (Caroline) Nicholson (2017/06/07-2021/06/06)

Members of the religious community (1)
Dr NM (Nthabeleng) Rammile (2016/01/01-2019/12/31)
Elected by the Alumni (3)
Dr MJ (Marius) Swart (2016/11/24-2020/11/23)
Mr CJ (Christo) Dippenaar (2014/11/01-2018/10/31)
Mr H (Henry) Madlala (Qwaqwa Campus) (2014/11/01-2018/10/31)

Elected by the Donors (1)
Mr R (Rian) Moolman

Elected by the Convocation (1)
Prof JU (Johan) Grobbelaar (2014/11/01-2018/10/31)
Elected by the academic staff who are not members of Senate (1)
Dr JH (Jacobus) Potgieter (2013/11/29-2017/11/28)

Elected by the non-academic staff (support service employee) (1)
Ms S (Susan) van Jaarsveld (2015/01/01-2019/12/31)
Appointed by the Central Student Representative Council (2)
Mr A (Asive) Dlaniwa (Bloemfontein Campus)
Mr M (Masopha) Hlalele (Qwaqwa Campus)

Appointed by the South African Local Government Association: Free State (1)
Mr ZL (Zanoxolo) Futwa ((2017/06/06-2021/06/05)

Chairperson of the Institutional Forum (1)
Mr RG (Rantooa) Moji
Appointed by Council (8)
Dr SM (Susan) Vosloo (2016/07/01-2020/06/30)
Ms LT (Likeleli) Monyamane (2015/03/13-2019/03/12)
Mr R (Ryland) Fisher (2015/03/13-2019/03/12)
Mr NA (Ndaba) Ntsele (2013/09/14-2017/09/13)
Mr KB (Kgotso) Schoeman (2015/09/16-2019/09/14)
Mr DA (Derek) Foster (2016/07/01-2020/06/30)
Mr W (Willem) Louw (2013/09/14-2017/09/13)
Dr A (Anchen) Laubscher (2016/09/01-2020/08/31)

In advisory capacity:
Prof NI (Nicky) Morgan (Acting Vice-Rector: Institutional Change, Student Affairs, and Community Engagement)
Prof ML (Lis) Lange (Vice-Rector: Academic)
Mr CR (Chris) Liebenberg (Senior Director: Finance)
Prof P (Prakash) Naidoo (Vice-Rector: Operations)
Prof D (Daniella) Coetzee (Head: South Campus)
Dr MJG (Gift) Vinger (Registrar)
Dr K (Karen) Lazenby (Registrar: Systems and Administration)
Ms LC (Lacea) Loader (Director: Communication and Brand Management)