Governance structures

The Chancellor The Council The Executive Committee of the Senate
The University Management Committee The Rectorate Representative Council

Powers and duties of the Rectorate

Matters that are urgent, require immediate attention and are of a sensitive nature, so that they cannot be held over to the next meeting of the ECS or UMC.

Mutual consultation and strategic conversation between members of the Rectorate. Consultation and strategic conversations may be aimed at matters related to planning or which are of an operational nature.

The testing of opinions and mutual provision of information by members of the Rectorate.

Advice on/or exchange of ideas regarding any matter that occurs within the portfolios of the Rectorate, for which time must be set aside within the cadre of senior management.

Members of the Rectorate

Vice-Chancellor and Rector
Prof FW (Francis) Petersen


Prof RC (Corli) Witthuhn (Vice-Rector: Research)
Prof ML (Lis) Lange (Vice-Rector: Academic)
Prof NI (Nicky) Morgan (Acting Vice-Rector: Institutional Change, Student Affairs, and Community Engagement)
Prof P (Prakash) Naidoo (Vice Rector: Operations)


Dr MJG (Gift) Vinger: Governance and Policy
Dr K (Karen) Lazenby: Systems and Administration

Observer status

Ms LC (Lacea) Loader (Communication and Brand Management)
Prof D (Daniella) Coetzee (Campus Principal: South Campus)
Prof P (Prakash) Naidoo (Campus Principal: Qwaqwa Campus)

Secretariat (Meeting Administration)

Ms EC (Elsabi) Bezuidenhoudt