Dr Gladys Kigozi
Senior Researcher
Centre for Health Systems Research and Development
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Short CV

Gladys Joined the Centre for Health Systems Research & Development in 2007. In 2011, she obtained a PhD for her research on facilitating factors and barriers to the uptake of HIV testing among TB patients in the Free State Province. She contributes variously towards fieldwork management, data gathering, editing and analysis as well as dissemination of research findings. She has participated in several TB, HIV-operational and occupational research related projects and has also co-authored one book chapter, 17 journal publications and five commissioned research reports. Her work has been presented at 41 conferences nationally and internationally. She also provides study guidance to post-graduate students focusing on TB, health and well-being, and health systems. 



Publications (Short List)

Embry H, Kigozi G & Heunis J. 2018. Community-based directly observed treatment for TB patients to improve HIV services: a cross-sectional study in a South African province. BMC Health Services, 18:255.

Zinatsa F, Engelbrecht MC, Janse van Rensburg A & Kigozi NG. 2018. Voices from the frontline: barriers and strategies to improve tuberculosis infection control in primary health care facilities in South Africa. BMC Health Services Research, 18:269.

Kigozi NG, Engelbrecht MC, Heunis JC & Janse van Rensburg A. 2018. Household contact non-attendance of clinical evaluation for tuberculosis: a pilot study in a high burden district in South Africa, BMC Infectious Diseases, 18: 106. doi: 10.1186/s12879-018-3010-3.

Janse van Rensburg A, Petersen I, Wouters E, Engelbrecht M, Kigozi G, Fourie P, van Rensburg D & Bracke P. State and non-state mental health service collaboration in a South African district: a mixed methods study. Health Policy and Planning, 33(4):516-527.

Janse van Rensburg A, Engelbrecht MC, Kigozi NG &Van Rensburg HCJ. 2018. Tuberculosis prevention knowledge, attitudes and practices of primary healthcare nurses in a South African district. International Journal of Nursing Practice, e12681.

Heunis JC, Kigozi NG, Chikobvu P, Botha S & van Rensburg HCJ. 2017. Risk factors for mortality in TB patients: a 10-year electronic record review routine record review in a South African province. BMC Public Health, 17:38. doi. 10.1186/s12889-016-3972-2

Kigozi NG, Heunis JC, Chikobvu P, Botha S & van Rensburg HCJ. 2017. Factors influencing treatment default among tuberculosis patients in a high burden province of South Africa. International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 54: 95-102.

Muzigaba M, Kigozi G & Puone T. 2017. Short term and sustained effects of a health system strengthening intervention to improve mortality trends for paediatric severe malnutrition in rural South African hospitals: An interrupted time series design. South African Journal of Child Health, 11(1): 38-45.

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Kigozi NG, Heunis JC, Chikobvu P & Van der Merwe S. A retrospective analysis of two-month sputum smear non-conversion in new sputum smear positive tuberculosis patients in the Free State Province, South Africa, Journal of Public Health in Africa, 5(2): 324.

Heunis J, Wouters E, Kigozi G, Janse van Rensburg-Bonthuyzen E & Jacobs N. 2013. TB/HIV-related training, knowledge and attitudes of community health workers in the Free State province, South Africa. African Journal of AIDS Research, 12(2): 113-119.  

Heunis JC, Wouters E & Kigozi NG. 2012. HIV, AIDS and tuberculosis in South Africa: trends, challenges and responses. In Van Rensburg HCJ (Ed.). Health and Health Care in South Africa. 2nd edition. Pretoria: Van Schaik.

Kigozi NG, Heunis JC, Wouters E, Van den Berg HS 2011. Tuberculosis patients’ reasons for, and suggestions to address non-uptake of HIV testing: a cross-sectional study in the Free State Province, South Africa. BMC Health Services Research, 11:110. doi:10.1186/1472-6963-11-110.

Kigozi NG, Heunis JC, Van den Berg HS 2011. Tuberculosis patients’ perspectives on HIV counselling by lay counsellors vis-à-vis that rendered by nurses: an exploratory study in two districts of the Free State Province, South Africa. Africa Journal of Nursing and Midwifery, 13(1):71-80.

Heunis JC, Wouters E, Norton WE, Engelbrecht MC, Kigozi NG, Sharma A, Ragin C. 2011. Patient- and delivery-level factors related to acceptance of HIV counseling and testing services among tuberculosis patients in South Africa: a qualitative study with community health workers and program managers. Implementation Science, 6:27.

Kigozi G, Engelbrecht M, Tsibolane Y, Van der Merwe S & Motlhanke S. 2010. Accuracy of tuberculosis routine data and nurses’ views of the TB-HIV information system in the Free State, South Africa. Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, 22(1): 67-73. 

Kigozi NG, Heunis JC, Chikobvu P, Van den Berg H, Van Rensburg, HCJ & Wouters E. 2010. Predictors of uptake of human immunodeficiency virus testing by tuberculosis patients in Free State Province, South Africa. The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, 14(4): 399-405.



2015 to 2017: Principal investigator, Tuberculosis prevention through systematic household contact investigation in the Free State, South Africa.

2015 to date: co-researcher; Towards a health-enabling working environment: developing and testing interventions to decrease HIV- and TB- stigma among healthcare workers in the Free State, South Africa

2015 to date: Situational analysis of the implementation of TB prevention and infection control strategies in Mangaung Metropolitan District

2012-2014: Co-researcher; Mosamaria AIDS Ministry: Evaluation of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s programme in Bloemfontein and Botshabelo.

2011- 2014: Co-researcher, Evaluation of professional and community health worker training and mentoring interventions to improve TB patients’ uptake of HIV counselling and testing in the Free State Province, South Africa. 

2012-2014: Co-researcher; Mosamaria AIDS Ministry: Evaluation of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s programme in Bloemfontein and Botshabelo.

2010-2014:Co-researcher, Determinants of sputum smear non-conversion at two months of tuberculosis treatment: a retrospective seven-year record review and current views of nurses in the Free State.

Area(s) of Interest

Health-seeking behaviour

  • Psychological aspects
  • Social aspects
  • Health systems aspects

TB-HIV/AIDS programme integration

  • HIV testing of TB patients
  • TB screening of HIV patients
  • Information system integration (non-IT aspects)

TB services assessment to inform and measure the success of programmatic interventions

  • Gathering, analysis and interpretation of key programme data on intensified TB case finding, infection control, management of drug-resistant TB, recording and reporting, and TB-HIV/AIDS integration

Courses Presented

HSSD 8900 - Mini dissertation (full dissertation option) 

HSSA 8900 - Mini dissertation (article option)

EDSA 7900 - Mini dissertation

EDSL 7900 - Health and Development


Community Service

Manuscript review: PLoS One; International Journal of General Medicine; AIDS Care; BMC Health Services

Conference abstract review: Annual Free State Department of Health Research Day; Health Systems Trust Conference

Free State Department of Health Protocol Review Committee member


T: +27 51 401 2240 or humanities@ufs.ac.za

Marizanne Cloete: +27 51 401 2592

Katlego Mabulana: +27 51 401 2495
Juanita Hlongwane: +27 51 401 3269

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