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Towards a health-enabling working environment: developing and testing interventions to decrease HIV- and TB-stigma among healthcare workers in the Free State, South Africa

CHSR&D researchers: Dr Asta Rau, Dr Michelle Engelbrecht, Dr Gladys Kigozi, Andre Janse van Rensburg, Alfi Moolman

Partners: University of Antwerp; Free State Department of Health

The randomised control trial aims to 1) scientifically assess the extent and sources of HIV and TB stigma among the healthcare workforce in the Free State Province and 2) refine and test innovative stigma-reduction interventions. The baseline study measures HIV and TB stigma in eight randomly selected hospitals in the Free State among randomly selected respondents—using a self-administered questionnaire. HIV and TB stigma-reduction interventions applying a combination prevention approach by focusing on clinical, behavioural and structural factors that influence HIV and TB stigma in the workplace will be rolled out. In addition, stigma reduction activities are designed to target three social-ecology levels (individual, community, and structural). Post-intervention, all respondents from the baseline will be followed up using the same questionnaire.

Funding: VLIR-UOS (Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad; Flemish Interuniversity Council) 
Student funding: 2 x PhD bursaries for students registered at Antwerp University: 1 funded by FWO (Flanders Research Foundation) and 1 funded by BOF (Special research fund of Antwerp University).

Between a rock and a hard place: emotional well-being and work engagement of nurses who moonlight in Free State hospitals

CHSR&D researchers: 
Dr Michelle Engelbrecht, Dr Asta Rau, André Janse van Rensburg

Partners: Dr Petrus Nel (Industrial Psychology, Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, UFS); Dr Marisa Wilke (School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, UFS)

‘Moonlighting’ nurses hold a permanent nursing job, plus one or more part-time nursing jobs. This practice has negative effects for them as individuals, for their institutions, and for patient care. Very little evidence exists on the emotional well-being of moonlighters and their work engagement. This research aims to fill this gap. It is also designed to identify coping skills of moonlighters who report higher levels of well-being—we envisage this informing subsequent intervention-focused phases.  A cross-sectional survey, as well as focus group discussions will gather data from all categories of nurses who moonlight at public or private hospitals in the Free State, including prison and army hospitals. Key foci are to: (1) investigate job demands faced by moonlighting nurses; (2) investigate resources of moonlighting nurses; (3) identify associations between burnout, compassion fatigue, compassion satisfaction, general health, psychological capital, coping skills and work engagement; (4) gain deeper insight into how job demands and resources of moonlighting nurses interface with their work engagement.

 UFS Interdisciplinary Grant


Situational analysis of the implementation of TB prevention and infection control strategies in Mangaung Metropolitan District (Completed 2016)

Tuberculosis prevention through systematic household contact investigation in the Free State, South Africa (Completed 2016)

Assessing the implementation of the Integrated School Health Programme (ISHP) in Maluti-a-Phofung (Completed 2016)

PROLIFE: improving TB outcomes by modifying lifestyle behaviours through a brief motivational intervention (Completed 2018)


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