The primary purpose of a Humanities education is to give you access to critical thinking skills, appreciation of literature, understanding of cultures, the uses of power, the mysteries of the mind, the organisation of societies, the complexities of leadership, the art of communication, and the challenge of change. All of these skills will support you in your future careers. A qualification in the Humanities is therefore well respected all over the world, and people with this type of qualification form the backbone of society. 

Certain programmes were developed to train you for a specific career, while others equip you with skills needed for various positions. Today’s ever-changing career world requires various skills that this faculty can equip you with, including: language proficiency, communication skills, creativity, interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, computer literacy, and critical thinking. 

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Upcoming Events

The Bruckner University Big Band, directed by Christian Radovan, was founded in October 2016 in Linz (Austria) as part of a course at the Institute for Jazz and Improvised Music. "More than ever we all need to understand and respect one another's cultures in order to promote peace & harmony on our planet", explains Christian. Through their live performances in Africa these young musicians have a chance to apply their musical abilities in an intercultural context, and to build personal and cultural bridges through music. The encounter of young musicians across national borders is the central motivation. The repertoire of the 22 students spans from big band classics to today rarely heard songs of the swing era. Christian Radovan transcribed most of the pieces from the original recordings and brings them to new life. After a successful South African tour in February 2018 and numerous performances across Austria, the first CD of the Bruckner Uni Big Band was released in November 2018.

Christian Radovan was born in Linz (Austria) and grew up in South Africa. At the age of 17 he and his family moved back to Austria and lived in Vienna since. Besides being the Jazz trombone lecturer at the Anton Bruckner University (Linz), Christian has worked as a freelance musician for more than 30 years and was a permanent member of the Vienna Art Orchestra for 20 years. He has toured in Europe, Asia, USA, and Africa and has done collaboration projects and performed with numerous artists.



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