Prof Robert Peacock
IB 32
Flippie Groenewoud Building: Block B

Short CV


Publications (Short List)

Selected Publications

  •  Peacock, R. (2019). Victimology in Africa. Pretoria: Van Schaik (available from
  • Cronje, M. & Peacock, R. (2015). Exploring the nature of the relationship between self-esteem and offence type of a group of recidivists. Acta Criminologica, Southern African Journal of Criminology. Change in African Corrections: From incarceration to reintegration. Special Edition 2: 79-93. (
  • Groenhuijsen, M.S.; O`Connel. M.; Peacock, R. & Aertsen, I. (2015). A reflection on victims` experiences to inform a process that is respectful, dignified and compassionate to attain healing, recognition and redress. (in JL de la Cuesta (Ed). Por Una Justicia realmente humana). Audienca del Papa Francisco. Ciudad del Vaticano. Villematier: G.N. Impressions. (
  • Peacock, R. (2014). Institutional and Structural victimization: Apartheid South Africa. (in D Roth & D Kauzlarich (Eds). Towards a Victimology of State Crime).Oxford: Routledge (available from
  • Peacock, R. (2014). Interrelationships between victimisation and the identity structure, process and content of the adolescent. (in E. Weitekamp & P Shaefer, Establishing Victimology. A Festchrift for Prof. Dr Gerd Kirchhoff. Hamburg: Mounchengladbach University Press (
  • Peacock, R. (2013). (Ed). Victimology in South Africa. Pretoria: Van Schaik. (available from
  • Peacock, R. (2012). Institutional Victimisation: Legislative Framework and Youth Marginalization in Post Apartheid South Africa. (in H Morosawa, JJP Dussich, GF Kirchhoff (Eds) Victimology and Human Security: New Horizons. Nijemegen: Wolf Legal Publishers (available from
  • Peacock, R (2011). The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission- Challenges to Reconciliation (in R. Lecther, A Bouwer, A Pemberton (Eds) Victimological approaches to international crimes with a specific focus on Africa. Antwerp: Intersentia (available from
  • Peacock, R. (2009). Victimisation of the adolescent in South African prisons (in O. Hageman, P. Schafer & S. Schmidt (Eds.), Victimology, Victim assistance and Criminal Justice: perspective shared by international experts at the Inter-University Centre of Dubrovnik. Monchengladbach: University of Monchengladbach (available from
  • Peacock, R. (2008). Adolescent identity, the criminal event and criminal justice in South Africa. Acta Criminologica: Southern African Journal of Criminology, Special CRIMSA conference edition 1: 58-73 (
  • Peacock, R. (2008). Pain as punishment. Acta Criminologica: Southern African Journal of Criminology. 21(2): i-iii (
  • Peacock, R. (2008). Experiences of discrimination and the impact on the identity development of the incarcerated adolescent in South Africa. Journal of Ethnicity in Crime and Criminal Justice, 6(2): 151-166
  • Peacock, R. & Theron, A. (2007). Identity development of the incarcerated adolescent with particular reference to prison gang membership. Acta Criminologica: Southern African Journal of Criminology, 20(3): 61-74 (
  • Peacock, R. (2007). Identity and the criminal event. Acta Criminologica: Southern African Journal of Criminology. 20(2): 1-3 (
  • Peacock, R. & Booyens, K. (2005). Victimisation vulnerability of children. (in L. Davis & H.F. Snyman, (Eds.), South African handbook of victimology. Pretoria: Van Schaik. (available from
  • Peacock, R. (2002). Macro and micro links between interpersonal violence and violence in broader society: An integrated etiological perspective. Acta Criminologica: Southern African Journal of Criminology, 15(3): 39-44.
  • Peacock, R. (1994). Street children. Africa Insight, 24(2): 138-143 (
  • Peacock, R. (1993). Family stress in the lives of street children. Social Work: A Professional Journal for the Social Worker, 29(2): 173-180 (
  • Theron, A. & Peacock, R. (1992). Die swart straatkind se portuurgroep as ondersteuningsgroep en kriminogene faktor wat tot die pleeg van misdaad kan bydra [The peer group of the street child as support system and crime precipitating variable]. Acta Criminologica: Southern African Journal of Criminology, 5(2): 56-62 (
  • Peacock, R. (1992). Situacion socio-politica y sistema de justicia penal en Sudafrica: Especial referencia al problema de los ninos negros en prision [The relationship between the socio-political situation and the criminal justice system in South Africa with specific reference to the problem of black children in prison]. Revista Juridica de Castilla la Mancha, Milano: 57-71 (
  • Peacock, R. (1992). The relationship between the role personality determinant and crimes committed by street children. Acta Criminologica: Southern African Journal of Criminology, 5 (1): 69-74 (
  • Peacock, R. & Theron, A. (1992). Die verband tusssen straatkinders se emosionele en biologiese behoeftes en die tipe misdade wat deur hulle gepleeg word [The relationship between the emotional and biological needs of street children and nature of offences committed]. South African Journal of Sociology, 23(1): 26-30 (
  • Peacock, R. (1991). The interaction between personality, the social environment and crime: A theoretical synthesis. Journal of Human Sciences, 2: 11-16 (
  • Peacock, R. (1990). El nino negro de la calle: Victima della sociedad Sudafricana. Sociologia del Diritto, 17(3): 119-124 (


Area(s) of Interest

Victimology of State Crime



Child Justice

Criminal Behaviour

Transitional Justice

Courses Presented

Community Service

Scholary Engagement

  • President of the World Society of Victimology (see
  • United Nations Liaison Committee of the World Society of Victimology
  • Forensic Criminologist (Expert Witness)
  • Just Detention International - South Africa (Board of Directors)
  • Journal of Ethnicity and Criminal Justice (Editorial Board)
  • Temida: Serbian journal of Victimology (Advisory Board)
  • Global Advances in Victimology and Psychological Studies, O.P Jindal Global University, India (International Advisory Board)
  • Journal of Victimology and Victim Justice (Editorial Board)
  • Acta Criminologica: African Journal of Criminology and Victimology  (Editorial Board)

Service Learning


T: +27 51 401 2240 or

Marizanne Cloete: +27 51 401 2592

Neliswa Emeni-Tientcheu: +27 51 401 2536
Phyllis Masilo: +27 51 401 9683

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