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    Second OSM concert inspires Heidedal youth
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    UFS researcher selected as emerging voice
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Greek Module Information

Greek: The study of Greek provides a tool to unlock the richness of the New Testament and other Greek texts. Students develop skills to apply Greek grammar and rhetorical and semantic principles to these texts in order to read, translate and interpret them against the background of the world in which they originated. In the 3rd year students also read classical Greek authors such as Plato, Homer and the tragedians.

In Greek, students can do postgraduate studies as well. Join us for studies in honours, master's, and doctorate degrees. Please consult the Faculty Rule Book for Postgraduate Studies.

Greek Undergraduate Module information

Please consult the Faculty Undergraduate Rule Book for any prerequisites to these modules.

Lecturer: Ms A Machin

  • CLGR1508: New Testament Greek language and cultural-historical background
  • CLGR2608: Hellenistic Greek language and literature
  • CLGR3714: Hellenistic Greek literature with applied semantics and stylistics
  • CLGR3724: Classical Greek language and literature
  • CSLR3734: Classical literature and rhetoric
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