Classical Studies (Mythology) celebrates renowned heroes and heroines who battled internal and external monsters, all the while appealing to the gods for their intervention. The presence of mythological aspects in art, film, music, theatre, science, etc., is a testament to its persistence as a culturally binding phenomenon. These aspects range from ordinary influences in the names of the days of the week – and even the names of our celestial neighbours – to the development of modern scientific theories, such as Sigmund Freud’s Oedipus complex. Much of today’s political and educational systems also owe their existence to the classical civilisations from which they arose.

Classical Studies (Civilisations) aims to understand multiple aspects with regard to various ancient civilisations. Moreover, it helps us to formalize a fundamental basis of the Ancient citizen and their behavioural motivations. The motivation for the foundations of democracy and the dramatic arts are highlighted in both the study of civilisations and mythology respectively. We consequently study the simplest form of the world as we know it, whilst utilising ancient knowledge, in order to understand the flaws that came with the world’s sophistication and evolution.

Classical Studies Undergraduate Module information

Please consult the Faculty Undergraduate Rule Book for any prerequisites to these modules.

Lecturers: Dr Madhlozi Moyo

First-year modules

  • CSMT1514: Classical Myths: From creation myths to the Twelve Olympians; mythic heroes and monsters
  • CSCC1524: Classical Civilisations: Art, Architecture and Everyday Life in Ancient Greece
    (These modules were phased out in 2020 and will only be presented in 2021 to students who need it for degree purposes.)

Second-year modules (to be presented for the last time in 2021)

  • CSMT2614: The heritage of myths in post-classical art, music and literature
  • CSCC2624: Peripheral figures in classical civilisations: women, children and slaves

Third-year modules (to be presented for the last time in 2022)

  • CSMT3714: Myths in classical literature: Homer and Vergil
  • CSCC3724: Religion and magic in classical civilisations
  • CSLR3734: Classical literature and rhetoric
  • CSRM3744: Research methodology for classical studies


T: +27 51 401 2240 or

Marizanne Cloete: +27 51 401 2592

Neliswa Emeni-Tientcheu: +27 51 401 2536
Phyllis Masilo: +27 51 401 9683

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