Keshalia Naidoo

BA Corporate and Marketing Communication

1. What impact has GradStar had on your life in 2018?

It has opened me up to possible employment opportunities. I am now aware of more companies and am more motivated. 

2. How do you stay motivated and on track with your studies? 

I stay motivated by reminding myself of my goals and ambitions and remain on track with my studies by managing my time effectively. 

3. What drives you to excel in your studies?

The passion to achieve my goals and follow a career path that I will enjoy in the long term.

4. Will you recommend Grad Star to other students? Why/Why not?

I would definitely recommend GradStar to all students! It is an amazing experience and can offer you the opportunity to start your career with one of the companies at the workshops. 

5. What are your plans for 2019?

I plan on starting my career in a reputable organisation and doing my honours degree. I have many goals and aspirations such as opening my own business. 

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