Departmental Rules and Guidelines, Department of English, University of the Free State:

Attendance, participation, and other responsibilities on the part of students and lecturers:

  • Students are expected to attend all lectures and tutorials.
  • Only students who have attended at least 70% of their tutorials will be granted a predicate. Students who fail to do so, will receive an "incomplete" on the course.
  • If you miss class, it is your responsibility to contact your Teaching Assistant (TA) or instructor before class to explain the circumstances.
  • You are expected to do the assigned readings prior to lecture/tutorial, and to come to class prepared to discuss the readings. It is not possible to succeed in your English courses without doing your readings. Please bring all pertinent course readings to class and tutorial each week.
  • Participation in lecture and tutorial is required whenever possible and should reflect your familiarity with the course readings.
  • Please refrain from talking during the lecture unless taking part in the overall discussion, as it is disruptive to both students and the instructor.
  • See also the Faculty of the Humanities Class Attendance Policy included below.
  • Instructors are required to return all submitted work within three weeks unless assignments were submitted late.
  • All assignment deadlines and test dates will be clearly communicated to students at the beginning of a course or course segment for which a particular lecturer is responsible.
  • Lecturers and TAs will keep track of all marks assigned to students in their English courses. It is, however, also the responsibility of students to keep a record of their marks and to keep copies of all marked assignments until the final marks for the course have been assigned.
  • Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all courses offered by the English Department in the faculties of the Humanities and Education are non-promotional.
  • Essay and assignment policy:
    • Each lecturer will set his or her precise guidelines for assignments. Please ensure that these guidelines are followed to the letter.
    • Essays must be written in Harvard format. All secondary sources must be correctly referenced both in the body of your essay and in the list of works cited.
    • Essays should be submitted in class. If you have a valid medical reason for being unable to attend class that day, you should make alternative arrangements with your lecturer.
  • Do not slip essays under doors. Emailed and faxed essays are not accepted, unless explicitly stated by an instructor. Ensure that you keep copies of all submitted work. If the essay is lost, you are responsible for providing a copy.
  • Late assignment policy:
    • Any essay or assignment handed in after the due date will be penalised 5% per day. No exceptions.
  • No essay or assignment will be accepted after seven days (including Saturday and Sunday) without medical documentation.
  • Policy on the use of computers and other technologies in the classroom:
    • Computers are allowed in class provided they are used to take notes during lecture.
    • If you are using your computer for other activities during class, you will be asked to leave, since active computer screens are a distraction for other students.
    • Other technologies such as mobile phones and iPods are not allowed in lecture or tutorial.
  • Special arrangements will be made for students with special needs who need to make use of computer and/or other technologies.
  • Consultation and email policy:
    • Each lecturer has two consultation/office hours per week plus an additional hour by appointment for students who cannot attend the scheduled hours. Consultation hours will be communicated in class and displayed on each lecturer’s office door.
    • Questions about course content and assignments should be addressed to a student’s lecturer or TA during consultation hours or before/after class. If students are unable to attend a lecturer or TA’s consultation hours, they may send a short email to schedule an alternative meeting time.
    • Email queries about information clearly explained on the course outline or on Blackboard will not be answered.
    • All email correspondence should have the course code of the course in question in the subject heading.
    • Please ensure that your email message is addressed to your instructor or TA by name and that it includes your own name and student number.
    • Students must use formal English when corresponding via email.
    • Students are expected to communicate in a manner befitting professionals in training.
  • Disrespectful and/or abusive email or conduct towards a lecturer will be reported.
  • Academic Integrity:
    • Academic dishonesty, including plagiarism and other types of academic deception, can result in serious consequences, such as a grade of zero on an assignment or expulsion from the university.
    • All cited material must be referenced in full using the Harvard Referencing Style. Failure to do so will result in a mark of zero on an assignment.


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