Head of the Department

Prof HJ Strauss

  • South African / African and Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Cultural Studies and Critical Theory
  • Film Studies
  • Feminist and Queer Theory


Prof MM Raftery

  • Medieval and Renaissance / Early Modern Drama (English and some Continental)
  • Selected Female Authors, e.g., Jane Austen

Associate Professor

Prof I Manase

  • The literary Southern and African city
  • Urban youth cultures of Southern Africa
  • Zimbabwean literature
  • African literature
  • South African and African science fiction and fantasy

Senior Lecturers

Dr SI Brokensha

  • Computer mediated communication
  • Critical discourse analysis
  • Conversation analysis

Dr M Brooks

  • Confessional Poetry
  • African-American Womanist Literature
  • Psychoanalysis/Existentialism/Feminist Theories


Dr MS Conradie

  • Critical race theory
  • Critical studies of whiteness
  • Advertising discourse
  • Relevance theory (inferential pragmatics)
  • Discourse analysis
  • Conversation analysis


Dr PO Aghoghovwia

  • Ecocriticism; Environmental Humanities South
  • The Oil Encounter and its Representations; Petrocultures
  • The Anthropocene in Africa,
  • Cultural Studies; Popular Culture in Africa
  • African Literatures; Niger Delta Literature


Ms CL du Plessis

  • Language teaching and testing


Dr CA Els

  • Critical Discourse Analysis
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Language Teaching


Dr R Makombe

  • Postcolonial literary studies
  • African Literature
  • African-American literature and the African diaspora


Dr KM Ngara

  • Post-colonial Literature
  • English Literature
  • Urban Fiction and Cultural studies


Dr O Nyambi

  • Modern African literature
  • Crisis narratives
  • Migration and transnational identities in literature New/social media cultures, (literary) onomastics

Junior Lecturers

Ms JG Henning

  • Corpus Linguistics, Cultural Studies

Research Fellows

Dr JAJ Arseneault

  • Critical Animal Studies
  • African Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Queer Theory

Ms ML Doney

  • Trauma Theory
  • Postcolonial Literatures

Dr J Gonye

  • African Literary and Cultural Studies

Dr WJ Greyling

  • Applied linguistics

Prof G Hlongwane

  • African Literary and Cultural Studies

Ms A Jeffers

  • Postcolonial Literary and cultural studies

Dr AE Mackey

  • Coming-of-age literatures and cultures
  • Climate Fictions
  • Trans-hemispheric literacies

Dr R Magosvongwe

  • African Literary and Cultural Studies

Dr T Musanga

  • African Literary and Cultural Studies

Prof HRD Snell

  • Postcolonial Cultural Studies
  • Children’s and Young Adult Literatures



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Marizanne Cloete: +27 51 401 2592

Katlego Mabulana: +27 51 401 2495
Juanita Hlongwane: +27 51 401 3269

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