HIST1514 Introduction to the twentieth-century history of South Africa and Africa

This module is an introductory orientation with regard to the history of South Africa and Africa in the twentieth century. The focus is on the historically most important changes in the country, region and continent. Chronologically, a fact-based historical bird's eye view, which spans the period from the end of the nineteenth century to the end of the twentieth century, is presented.

HIST1624 Twentieth-century world history

This module is an introductory orientation with regard to world history during the twentieth century. The focus is on the historically most important changes, events and processes that characterised the twentieth century. Furthermore, the impact of globalisation, with special reference to South Africa, the region and the continent, is analysed historically.

HIST2614 The rise of nationalism in South Africa and Africa and the resistance to it

While the system of apartheid, as a product of white nationalism, developed in South Africa, black nationalism led to the organized struggle against it. Elsewhere in Africa, nationalism led to the struggle against colonialism and the drive towards independence. The focus of this course is on the rise of nationalism in South Africa, the region and the continent. The different forms it takes and its historical impact on the continent as a whole, also receive attention.

HIST2624 Twentieth-century global clashes

The Second World War and the subsequent Cold War, directly or indirectly, influenced the whole world. In this module, the development of these successive conflicts, their duration and the consequences thereof for the world will be studied, with special reference to the position of South Africa and Africa.

HIST3718 En route to the new South Africa and the African Renaissance, c. 1976-2000: a historical perspective

While Africa experienced a dramatic period of independence, the final struggle for and against apartheid was being waged in South Africa. This course focuses on South Africa's transition from a system of minority rule to majority rule. Furthermore, the focus is on Africa's era of independence.

HIST3728 How to make history

In this module, research methodology and oral history are explored in creative and practical ways. The focus is on the different forms that historical sources may take – from movies and books to websites and archival documents. We look at what history sources entail, and how to evaluate and utilise these sources. Then we turn our attention to the theoretical and practical aspects of oral history projects, interviewing and the writing of oral history.


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