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User Workshop 2015

Overview of student engagement and surveys
Student Engagement: Nationally
Working with your results
Lessons from the field

User Workshop 2010

Day 1
Dr J Kinzie - Plenary: Creating conditions that matter
Dr JF Strydom and Ms N Basson - Introduction to SASSE
Dr J Kinzie - Sharing SASSE results in your institution
Dr M Mentz - Interpreting your SASSE report
Dr J Kinzie - Converting data into actionable results

Day 2
Dr J Kinzie - Lessons learned and high-impact activities
Dr JF Strydom and Dr M Mentz - Expanding horizons: Advanced data analysis, BUSSE, LSSE
Dr JF Strydom, Dr M Mentz and Ms N Basson - Timelines and implementation. Focus on: Timeline for the project, requirements from your institution, data collection options, use of the website, and discussions.
Dr J Kinzie, Dr JF Strydom, Dr M Mentz and Ms N Basson - Marketing - Maximising your SASSE participation

Colloquium 2009

Prof G Kuh - Improving undergraduate success through student engagement
Prof C Foxcroft - Challenges for higher education institutions and student success in the light of the new school and FET college qualifications
Prof I Scott - The need for educational reform in South African higher education
Dr JF Strydom - Impact of student engagement at the UFS

Colloquium 2010

Prof J Backhouse - Importance of research driven approaches
Ms N Badsha - Supporting student success through collaboration
Dr JF Strydom and Dr M Mentz - Report on 2009 CHE-UFS pilot study of student engagement and Participation in SASSE 2010
Prof H Nel and Prof C Foxcroft (NMMU) - Using SASSE findings to improve student success: Evidence-based strategic planning at all levels
Dr E van Heerden (TUT) - TUT, student engagement and improving undergraduate student success student success
Dr JF Strydom (UFS) - Commuter Lounges: A case study of evidence-based change

Colloquium 2011

Dr M Hay - Second Cycle of Quality Assurance: 2012-2017
Prof V Torres - International Perspectives on Using Student Engagement Data to Improve Quality of Teaching and Learning
Dr JF Strydom and Dr M Mentz - CHE-UFS student engagement study

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