Welcome to the home page of the International Studies Group at the University of the Free State (UFS), located in Bloemfontein, Central South Africa. We are a research group comprising a wide network of postgraduate researcherspostdoctoral fellows, and academic staff.

Dr Jack Hogan, who went on to join the History Department at the London School of Economics after two years at the UFS, put it this way: "The ISG is a great place to work. Young scholars come here from all over the world, and from Southern Africa; it is an extremely supportive environment for our research, with regular seminar series and even visiting fellows presenting lectures. Honestly, it would be difficult to find anywhere in the world a better research base. In terms of the postdocs and their research alone, most universities have nothing at all like this. Nowhere in South Africa is there anything like the ISG."

In June 2016, nine doctoral degrees and two master's degrees were conferred on members of the ISG, under the supervision of Prof Ian Phimister, who heads up the ISG. The size and strength of this group, its success at ensuring research students graduate in optimum time, the quality of publications produced by the students, and their regular presentations at national and international conferences all contribute to the rapidly growing reputation of the ISG, both in South Africa and internationally. Five from the ISG's 2016 crop of doctoral graduates are currently undertaking postdoctoral research at UFS.

For a sampling of our research topics and outputs, or to get in touch with a specialist in a particular field, please visit this page.

Dr Noel Ndumeya
Dr Noel Ndumeya, Postdoctoral Fellow at the ISG. His research focuses on conflicts between people and the environment

Photo: Charl Devenish