International Studies Group NRF-ratings and publications, 2021-2022

Published works and NRF-ratings by ISG postdoctoral fellows, research fellows and PhD students for 2021 and 2022.



Three researchers affiliated with the ISG received new NRF-ratings in 2021. Dr Matt Graham: C2-rating, Dr Matteo Grilli: P-rating, and Dr Rebecca Swartz: Y1-rating.


Grilli, M. & Gerits, F. (Eds). Visions of African Unity: New Perspectives on the History of Pan-Africanism and African Unification Projects. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2021.

Pilossof, R. Fending for ourselves: Youth in Zimbabwe, 1980-2020. Harare: Weaver Press, 2021.

Pilossof, R. & Cohen, A. Labour and economic change in southern Africa, 1900 to 2000: Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. London: Routledge, 2021.

Journal articles

Daimon, A. “In the Shadows of the Third Chimurenga?: African Migrant Intermediaries and Beneficiaries within Zimbabwe’s Agrarian Reform Matrix.” Critical African Studies 13, 2 (2021): 183-196.

Daimon, A. “Settling in Motion as Consciousness: Nyasa (Malawian) Informal Transit across Southern Rhodesia towards South Africa from the 1910s to the 1950s.” African Studies 80, 1 (2021): 1-20.

Dande, I. “The colonial state, African dog-owners, and the political economy of rabies vaccination campaigns in Southern Rhodesia in the 1950s and 1960s.” The Journal of the History of Biology 54 (2021): 689-717.

Dande, I. ”The political economy of informal dog breeding businesses in Harare’s high-density suburbs, Zimbabwe, 1990-2019.” Critical African Studies 13, 3 (2021): 321-337.

Dande, I. & Swart, S. “A city gone to dogs? Power, modernity and canine citizens in post-colonial Harare, c. 1980-2017.” Journal of Southern African Studies 47, 4 (2021): 567-586. 

Fevre, C. “‘Race’ and Resistance to Policing Before the ‘Windrush Years’: The Colonial Defence Committee and the Liverpool ‘Race Riots’ of 1948.” Twentieth Century British History 32, 1 (2021): 1-23. 

Fevre, C. & Graham, M. “Mandela’s out so apartheid has finished: The British Anti-Apartheid Movement and South Africa’s transition to majority rule, 1990-1994.” Contemporary British History 36, 3 (2021): 323-354.

Glover, M & Galgut, E. “Manufacturing dissent: The racialization of opposition to animal advocacy in South Africa.” Ethnicities 21, 4 (2021): 805-816 

Glover, M. & Money, D. “Not Wholly Justified: The Deferred Pay Interest Fund and Migrant Labour in South Africa’s Gold Mining Industry, c.1970–1990.” Journal of Southern African Studies 47, 4 (2021): 627-644

Munene, H. “Viability and Profitability of Northern Rhodesia (Zambia)’s Copperbelt Mining Companies during the Great Depression, 1929–1939.” Southern Journal for Contemporary History 46. 1 (2021): 107-136. 

Ncube, S. “Southern Rhodesia Is Anxious to Give Africans a Cash Crop? Accounting for the Colony’s 1952 African Turkish Tobacco Policy.” International Journal of African Historical Studies 54, 2 (2021): 175-191.

Nkhoma, B. “World War II, Global Food Crisis and the Grow-More-Food Campaign in Malawi, 1939-1959.” Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 49, 5 (2021): 940-963.

Swartz, R. “Child apprenticeship in the Cape colony: The case of the Children’s Friend Society Emigration scheme, 1833-1841.” Slavery & Abolition 42,3 (2021): 567-588. 

Swartz, R. “Children in between: Child migrants from England to the Cape in the 1830s”. History Workshop Journal 91, 1 (2021): 71-90. 

Walton, S-J. “The Soul of the City? Sound performance and community in Cape Town’s Two Minutes of Silence during the First World War.” War & Society 40, 4 (2021): 243-259.

Book chapters

Amaral, R. “Exposer la foi et l’empire: Les missions portugaises, l’Angola et less spiritains à l’exposition missionnaire du Vatican (1925)” in L´Objet africain dans les expositions et les musées missionnaires XIXème-XXIème siècles, edited by L. Zerbini. Paris: Maisonneuve & Larose nouvelles éditions; Hémisphères éditions, 2021.

Amaral, R. “From the Mainland and from the Colony: Essay on the Life Narrative of a Portuguese Migrant in Bloemfontein” in Migrants, Thinkers and Storytellers: Negotiating Meaning and Making Life in Bloemfontein, edited by J. Kurzwelly & L. Escobedo. Cape Town: HSRC Press, 2021.

Chansa, C. “Houses Built on Copper: The Environmental Impact of Current Mining Activities on ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Zambian Copperbelt Communities” in Across the Copperbelt: Urban & Social Change in Central Africa’s Borderland Communities, edited by M. Larmer, E. Guene, B. Henriet, R. Taylor & I. Peša. Suffolk: James Currey Ltd, 2021.

Grilli, M. & Gerits, F. “Introduction” in Visions of African Unity: New perspectives on the History of Pan-Africanism and African Unification Projects, edited by M. Grilli & F. Gerits. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2021.

Swartz, R. “Children’s experiences of the Children’s Friend Society emigration scheme to the colonial Cape, 1833-1841: Snapshots from compliance to rebellion” in Children’s Experiences of Welfare in Modern Britain, edited by S. Pooley & J. Taylor . London: Institute of Historical Research Press, 2021. 



Gwande, V. Manufacturing in Colonial Zimbabwe, 1890-1979: Interest Group Politics, Protectionism and the State. Suffolk: James Currey, 2022.

Money, D. White Mineworkers on Zambia’s Copperbelt, 1926-1974. Leiden: Brill, 2022. 

Munene, H. Copper King in Central Africa: Corporate Organization, Labor Relations and Profitability of Zambia’s Rhokana Corporation. London: Rowman and Littlefield International, 2022.

Ncube, S. Politics, Profits, and Protection: Zimbabwe’s Tobacco Industry Since 1947. Makhanda: NISC, 2022.

Journal articles

Bishi, G. “‘Filthiest Gangs of Thugs’: Anti-Fascism and Anti-Nazism Perceptions in Southern Rhodesia, 1930s to 1940s.” South African Historical Journal, 74, 1 (2022): 1-20.

Dande, I. and Swart, S. “‘Today We Will Milk Dogs!’ (Nhasi tinokama imbwa) – A Socio-political History of African- owned Dogs and the Dog Tax in Southern Rhodesia, c. 1900–1950.” Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 50, 4 (2022): 672-704.

Dande, I. “Cooking, the Crisis and Cuisines: Household Economies and Food Politics in Harare’s High-Density Suburbs, 1997–2020.” Journal of Southern African Studies, 48, 6 (2022): 1057-1076.

Dlamini, H. et. al. “Towards Understanding the Cameroon-Nigeria and the Eswatini-South Africa Border Dispute through the Prism of the Principle of Uti Possidetis Juris Customary International Law.” Africa Development, 47, 4 (2022): 239-265.

Fevre, C. and Graham, M. ‘‘’Mandela’s out so apartheid has finished’: the British Anti-Apartheid Movement and South Africa’s transition to majority rule, 1990-1994.” Contemporary British History, 36, 3 (2022): 323-354.

Gwande, V. “From state corporatism to workerism: Alfred Makwarimba and trade unionism in Zimbabwe under neoliberalism.” Third World Thematics, 7, 4-6 (2022):. 345-364. 

Gwande, V. ‘“To build a just and fair society”: Fosatu and the vision of a new South Africa, ca.1970s-1980s’, New Contree, 87 (2022): 54-72.

Manamere, K. “Making and unmaking Bonds: Humanitarianism, Local Politics and Peacebuilding in south-eastern Zimbabwe.” Southern Journal for Contemporary History, 47, 2, (2022):30-50. 

Ncube, S. “Beyond the State? Organised Settler Tobacco Interests and the Consolidation of Southern Rhodesia’s Tobacco Industry in the Early Post-Second World War Years.” Journal of Southern African Studies, 48, 2 (2022): 235-249.

Ncube, S. and T. Nyamunda, T. “Southern Rhodesia and Britain’s Discriminatory Sterling Area: The Dollar Crisis and Post-War Colonial Tobacco Trade, 1947–1960.” Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 50, 6, (2022): 1123-1144.

Ncube, S. and R. Pilossof, R. “‘This is where all the White farmers come to die’: Exploring the Roles and Narratives of Former Tobacco Farmers in Contemporary Zimbabwe.” Journal of Southern African Studies, 48, 2 (2022): 375-391.

Nkhoma, B. “African Agricultural Production, Food Trade, and the State in Southern Malawi, 1859-1940.” International Journal of African Historical Studies 55, 1, (2022): 45-67.

Nkhoma, B. “The Political Economy of Irrigation Development and Peasant Food Production in Colonial Malawi, 1945-1961.” African Historical Review, 35, 1-2, (2022): 43-64.

Nkomo, L. ‘“A country can only have a foreign policy it can afford’: South Africa’s economic reaction to Zimbabwe’s independence, 1980 – 82.” Journal of Southern African Studies, 48, 3 ( 2022): 563-80.

Nkomo, L. and K. Chitofiri, K. “Violence, victimhood and retaliation: The 2008 elections and the cyclic nature of political violence in Norton, Zimbabwe.” Journal of Asian and African Studies, 58.8 (2022): 1-17.

Sechele, U. “From minors to equals? Kalanga Women and legislation in post-colonial Botswana, 1966-2005.” Historia, 67, 1 (2022): 114-143.

Simabwachi, M. “Creating and Preservation of Business History: The Role of Selection Trust and Anglo-American Corporation Archives in Zambia’s Copperbelt.” Historia, 67, 2 (2022): 90-115

Book chapters

Chansa, C. J., “The ‘Politics’ of Mining Pollution in Zambia: Investigating 100 years of environmental management on the Copperbelt” in The Environmental Humanities of Extraction in Africa: Poetics and politics of exploitation, edited by Ogude, J. and T. Mushonga. London: Routledge, 2022.

Dande, I. and W. Mwatwara, “Mupedzanhamo: Spatial struggles and displacements, Harare flea markets c. 1994–2013,’ in Zimbos Never Die? Negotiating Survival in a Challenged Economy, 1990s to 2015, edited by U. Kufakurinani, E. Makombe, N. Chimhete and P. S. Nyambara (eds),. Leiden: Brill, 2022.

Dande, I. and W. Mwatwara, ‘Policing the State: The Army and the Preservation of ‘Peace and Order’ in Zimbabwe, c. 1997–2008,’ in Zimbos Never Die? Negotiating Survival in a Challenged Economy, 1990 to 2015, edited by U. Kufakurinani, E. Makombe, N. Chimhete and P. S. Nyambara. Leiden: Brill, 2022.

De Cola, A., “The Maria Theresa thaler in Italian Eritrea: The Impact of Colonial Monetary Policies during the First World War”, in Monetary transitions. Currencies, Colonial Rule and African Societies, edited K. Pallaver. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2022.

Jakarasi, J. and M. Nyakudya, “Reconsidering Conceptual Issues Pertaining to Zimbabwe’s Liberation Struggle: A Case Study of the Diwa Community in North Eastern Zimbabwe,” in Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Zimbabwe’s Liberation Struggle: Revolutionaries and Sellouts, edited by M. Nyakudya et al. London: Routledge, 2022.

Nkhoma, B. G.  Kayira, and P. Banda, “Pandemics, Politics and Governance: Contestations Over State Management COVID-19 in Malawi,” in Beyond Impunity: New Directions for Governance in Malawi, edited by K. Ross, A. Chiweza & W. Mulwafu. Cape Town: UCT Press, 2022.

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