Video Seminar Series 2020 - 2021



30 November
Bernard C. Moore (Michigan State University and the University of Namibia), Land Settlement, Economic Change, and the 'Coloured' Question along Namibia and South Africa's Orange River, 1910-1990

23 November
Dr. Tarminder Kaur (University of Johannesburg), AmaXhosa Maradona: Subalterns of Sports for Development and Peace

16 November
Mattie Webb (University of California - Santa Barbara), Reformers and Revolutionaries: Recentering Labor and the Workplace in the Anti-Apartheid Movement

2 November
Dr. Lotti Nkomo (University of the Free State), ‘A leopard never changes its spots': Zimbabwe-South Africa relations in the context of Frederik De Klerk's reform politics    

5 October
Dr. Unaludo Sechele (University of the Free State), ‘Better Away Than Around’: Women and Labour Returnees in Botswana, 1970-Present

 21 September
Dr. Alessandro De Cola (University of the Free State), Military Wage Labour and the Strategies of African Veterans in the Early Phase of Italian Colonialism in Eritrea (1896-1907) 

7 September
Dr. Kundai Manamere (University of the Free State), Making and Unmaking Bonds: Narratives of Displacement, Drought, and Disease in Chambuta, Southeastern Zimbabwe, 1988 to 1992

17 August
Dr. Hyden Munene (University of the Free State), Viability and Profitability of Northern Rhodesia (Zambia)'s Copperbelt Mining Companies During the Great Depression, 1929-1939

29 June
Dr. Jennifer Chansa (University of the Free State), Regulating Copper Mining: A History of Environmental Pollution and Management on the Zambian Copperbelt

22 June
Dr. Alex Sutton (Oxford Brookes University), An Official or a Gentleman: Revisiting Theories of British Imperialism

8 June
Dr. Miyanda Simabwachi (University of the Free State), A History of the Copperbelt Mining Company Archives: Past and Present

1 June
Dr. Duncan Money (Leiden University) and Danelle Van Zyl-Hermann (University of Basel), 'Rethinking White Societies' Book Discussion

25 May
Priscillah Machinga (University of the Free State), African Maternal and Infant Health Practices, From the Eve of Colonial Rule to 1910

18 May
Dr. Sarah-Jane Walton (University of the Free State), Botha's Cake and Belgium Soup: Revelations from a Recipe Book regarding Loyalty and Gender in the Cape during the First World War

11 May
Dr. Bryson Nkhoma (University of the Free State), Irrigation Development, Peasant Food Production and the State in Colonial Malawi, 1931-1960

4 May
Dr. Josh Doble (University of Edinburgh), ‘He’s black, I’ll speak to him in Chilapalapa’: Prickly Proximity and the Slow Death of Colonial Pidgin in Zambia

6 April
Dr. Chris Fevre and Dr. Matt Graham (University of the Free State and University of Dundee), The British Anti-Apartheid Movement and South Africa's Transition to Majority Rule, 1990-1994

23 March
Prof. Mucha Musemwa (University of Witwatersrand), Land, Water and Race: In Search of Truth and Environmental Justice in Southern Rhodesia

9 March
Prof. Henning Melber (Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala), How to Deal With the Past in the Present: Namibian-German Negotiations Over the Genocide in South-West Africa, 1904-1908

23 February
Dr. Jodie Sun (University of the Free State), Chinese Policy in the Congo Crisis

12 February
Dr. Ivo Mhike (University of the Free State), Child of 'Doubtful Colour': Race and Colour in Southern Rhodesia, 1911-c. 1940

Conveners: Dr. Steph Quinn and Dr. Henry Dee


1 December
Dr. Trishula Patel, ‘Undesirables and Pioneers': Colonial Mobility in the Indian Ocean, 1890-1930

3 November
Dr. Lazlo Passemiers, COREMO's relationship with the Congolese government and the FNLA 

20 October
Dr. Lotti Nkomo, Power, patronage and coercion: chiefs, party politics and the state in Zimbabwe, c.2000- 2013

22 September
Dr. Sarah Jane Walton, Sounding the wartime city: some considerations in thinking about Cape Town during the First World War through the lens of sensory history

8 September
Dr. Victor Gwande, Interest Group Politics and the State: The Political Economy of Manufacturing in Colonial Zimbabwe, 1890–1979  

25 August
Dr. Innocent Dande, ‘It’s all good money gone to the dogs!’ The political economy of informal dog breeding businesses in Zimbabwean cities, 1990-2019

6 July
Dr. Chris Fevre, ‘Race’ and Resistance to Policing Before the ‘Windrush Years’: The Colonial Defence Committee (CDC) and the Liverpool ‘Race Riots’ of 1948.

29 June
Dr. Henry Dee, A Short Biography of Clements Musa Kadalie.

15 June
Dr. Nicola Ginsburgh, Humour in settler colonial society: Jokes and laughter in late Rhodesia.

1 June
Dr. Rebecca Swartz, The Changing Nature of Higher Education.

18 May
Dr. Ana Stevenson, The Big Data of the 1910s: The Suffrage Postcard Project and Digital Humanities.

4 May
Dr. Jodie Yuzhou Sun, Zambia and Kenya with China in the 1970s and 1980s.

20 April
Dr. Steph Quinn, Scalar Claims, Worker Strategies and South African Empire in Namibia’s Migrant Labor System Under South African Rule, 1935-72.

Convener: Dr. Nicola Ginsburg

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