George Bishi
Thesis title: Archives, Governance and Chieftainships: Changes in the Interpretation of Archives with Special Reference to Chieftainship Conflicts in Zimbabwe, 1935 to 2014.
Brief description of research interests: Archives, oral traditions, chieftainship claims, violence, and landscape.

Shiko Boxman edited

Shiko Boxman
Thesis title: Dutch Gentlemanly Capitalism in Southern Africa (1871-1902).
Brief description of research interests: Financial and Economic history, Scramble for Africa, Afrikaner-Dutch relations, Globalisation and European Expansion during the 19th century. For further information, see https://ufs.academia.edu/ShikoBoxman


Victor Gwande
Thesis title: Foreign Capital, State and the Development of Secondary Industry in Southern Rhodesia, 1939-1956.
Brief description of research interests: Business history and investments, youth, governance, and democracy.

joy pic

Joyline Takudzwa Kufandirori
Thesis title: Fast Track Land Reform in Matepatepa Commercial Farming Area, Bindura District, Zimbabwe: Effects on Commercial Farm Workers, 2000- 2010.
Brief description of research interests: Land reform, labour and gender.


Lotti Nkomo
Thesis title: Chiefs and government in post-colonial Zimbabwe: the case of Makoni District, 1980-2014. Brief description of research interests: Traditional leaders and state relations, governance, violence.