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2019 Highlights Thus Far...

Congratulations to 2016 HEHD doctoral research cohort on the recent completion of their PhD work!
(from left to right) Oliver, Precious, Carmen, Sophia, and Anesu

2016 Phd Complete
End of Miratho 2
....And this marks the end of the Miratho Project!
Read more about it here.
End of Miratho
Welcome gathering for Swedish narrative research group

2018 in pictures... 

Exchange student Carlos Delgado with members of the University of the Free State (UFS) Student Representative Council (SRC).following his presentation entitled 'Experiential learning in Higher Education: beyond the classroom. Experiences in the Student Representative Council at the University of the Free State (South Africa) from the Capability Approach for Human Development'
  • Carlos
  • carlos1
September 2018 International colloquium on ‘Researching well-being, agency and structural inequalities: comparative perspectives’.
The event was structured to enable opportunities for early career researchers from the UFS to present their work alongside that of experienced scholars from the UK, US and South Africa, working on human development, development ethics and on education.
  • DSC_8239
  • DSC_8241
  • DSC_8242
  • DSC_8245
  • DSC_8262
  • DSC_8268
  • DSC_8270
  • DSC_8271
  • DSC_8279
  • DSC_8290
  • DSC_8302
  • DSC_8269
  • DSC_8271
  • DSC_8272
  • DSC_8307
  • DSC_8315
  • DSC_8320
  • DSC_8265
  • DSC_8269
  • DSC_8271
  • DSC_8304
  • DSC_8325
  • IMG_3231
2018 ESRC-DFID 'Miratho' project Stakeholders Meeting
  • IMG_20180314_125847
  • IMG_20180314_125856
  • IMG_20180314_125758
  • IMG_20180314_125204
  • IMG_20180314_125036
  • IMG_20180314_124824
  • IMG_20180314_124810
  • IMG_20180314_124733
  • IMG_20180314_124641
  • IMG_20180314_121443
  • IMG_20180314_120858
  • IMG_20180314_115940
  • IMG_20180314_114607
  • IMG_20180314_122037

Snapshots of 2017...

2016 through our lens...

  • IMG_2314
  • IMG_2259
  • IMG_2286
  • IMG_2274
  • IMG_2272
  • IMG_2254
  • IMG_2248
  • IMG_20141027_184518

All about 2015...

  • IMG_20141027_184518
  • IMG_20141027_184511
  • IMG_20140915_113809
  • IMG_20141027_184107
  • IMG_20140915_113813
  • IMG_20141027_184101
  • IMG_20140915_113958
  • IMG_20141027_183023

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