From its inception to date, the HEHD research team handling the ESRC and DfID funded Miratho Project has disseminated the research outputs in various forms ranging from research briefs, academic publications, presentations and most recently an open webinar to engage the general public with the research findings and recommendations that arise from them. 
This page lists the presentations.

Miratho Presentations 

Download the slides of our latest webinar HERE: Miratho Webinar 15 April 2021_slides_14.04.2021

Miratho event


Melanie Walker, The capability approach and higher education research: theoretical and empirical insights’, SRHE Symposium, Exploring Capability Theory in Higher Education Research: UK and International Perspectives, 7 June 2017

Monica Mclean, Epistemological access and capability expansion at university, SRHE Symposium, Exploring Capability Theory in Higher Education Research: UK and International Perspectives, 7 June 2017

Melanie Walker, The public good of South African higher education and the lens of decoloniality, UCL Institute of Education seminar 8 June 2017

Melanie Walker and Merridy Wilson-Strydom, Rural youth and access to higher education: intersectional conversion factors and capabilities. Paper presented at the HDCA conference, 6-8 September, Cape Town, 2017.

Monica McLean and Ann-Marie Bathmaker, Epistemic access for university students from disadvantaged backgrounds: South Africa’s Miratho  Project. Paper presented at the symposium Addressing inequalities in higher education:  theoretical approaches and evidence from practice in South Africa͛, University of Birmingham, U, 6 November 2017

Melanie Walker, Capability theorising and the Miratho project. Paper presented at a symposium Addressing inequalities in higher education:  theoretical approaches and evidence from practice in South Africa, University of Birmingham, UK, 6 November 2017.

Ann Marie Bathmaker, presentation to the Symposium  Rural Students’ Transitions To and Through Higher Education in South Africa, 30 January 2018, University of Bristol School of Education, UK.


Challenging knowledge asymmetries: Photovoice low income students and conditions and practices of inclusion. By Mikateko Hӧppener, Melanie Walker, Monica McLean. HELTASA conference, 22 November 2018

Low income rural and township youth in South Africa. The centrality of wellbeing for inclusive higher education learning outcomes. Mikateko Hӧppener. Raising Learning Outcomes Research Programme Africa Symposium Sunnyside Park Hotel, 12 September 2018.  

Low income rural and township youth in South Africa. Which capabilities matter for inclusive higher education learning outcomes. Melanie Walker and Merridy Wilson-Strydom. Paper presented at CEID Annual Conference on Higher Education and International Development. London, 19 June 2018 

Mobilities of rural youth to and through urban universities in South Africa. Persistent inequalities and new opportunities. Merridy Wilson-Strydom, Melanie Walker and Mikateko Hӧppener, HDCA 2018

Students transform the socio-economic structures they come from. Learning from life history interviews. Monica McLean, Melanie Walker and Mikateko Hӧppener. HELTASA conference, 22 November 2018

The capability for epistemic contribution as an inclusive learning outcome. Monica McLean Seminar Presented at the University of Nottingham, School of Education. Centre for International Education Research seminar, 22 June 2018


M.McLean, Keynote presentation for The Network for Evaluating and Researching University Participation Interventions (NERUPI) event for widening participation professionals ‘The Capabilities Approach: Positively Supporting Student Success’: ‘The Capabilities Approach and Inclusive University Education’ given at the University of Bath in London, 83, Pall Mall, March 11th, 2019.

M. McLean, Research seminar for The Narrative Reading Group at the SARCHI Chair in Higher Education and Human Development Research Programme. University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, ‘Miratho Students and Narrative Capability’ April 1st, 2019

M. Walker & M Mathebula, Miratho Research Project 2016-2020, University of Venda, 28 May 2019

M. Walker & M Mathebula,  Miratho Research Project Miratho Research Project 2016 -2020 (PAG meeting Johannesburg, May 2019

M. Mathebula & C Martinez-Vargas Photovoice methodology, School of Nursing, University of the Free State, 15 June 2019

M. McLean, Knowledge and Graduates: Address for the Global Centre for Higher Education’s Third Seminar in the Series: Key Debates in Higher Education Graduateness: What is a Graduate of Contemporary Higher Education? Lancaster University, 27 June 2019

M. Mathebula, Enhancing low-income South African students’ narrative capability and the capability for epistemic contribution through photovoice, Lancaster University, 13 September 2019

M. Walker, Why epistemic justice matters: democracy and inclusion in South African universities, public lecture Linnaeus University, 19 September 2019

P. Mukwambo, M. Walker and M. Mathebula, Information gaps along the higher education access trajectory: A case study of low-income rural South African university students, SAERA conference, 23 October 2019

M. Walker, No Curriculum Transformation Without Epistemic Justice Capabilities Invited public lecture, University of Pretoria, 31 October 2019

M. Mathebula, C. Martinez-Vargas Fostering narrative capabilities for epistemic justice: reflections on a photovoice project, HEHD Colloquium, 21 November 2019

M. McLean, Keynote for ‘Making Epistemic Justice: An International Colloquium on Narrative Capabilities and Participatory Research.’ Higher Education and Human Development, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, November 21st, 2019

M. Mathebula, C. Martinez-Vargas The Capability for Ubuntu: Connecting African and Anglo-American Conceptions of Being, University of the Free State, 2019


Equitable Education in a Time of Pandemic: A Capabilities Approach to Student Learning and Development. University of Alberta. October 6, (on-line). Melanie Walker

Promoting indigenous cosmovisions for sustainable and decolonial higher education in South Africa. Carmen Martinez- Vargas and Mikateko Hӧppener.

Students’ agency and activism in creating sustainable institutions: The case of the Ubuntu Chain Initiative in South Africa. Melissa Lucas, Faith Mkwananzi, Mikateko Mathebula and Carmen Martinez-Vargas

Challenging the exclusionary ‘epistemic line’: A Global South Perspective on Sustainable Epistemic Governance. Melanie Walker, Carmen Martinez Vargas. HDCA, Auckland New Zealand. 30 June- 2 July 2020

Education in the time of covid-19: Exploring contexts and challenges. Melanie Walker. Webinar. Centre for Education and International Development (CEID). September 25, 2020


The Miratho Project - Opportunities, obstacles and outcomes for low-income youth, 22 June, 10.00-1.00pm SA time. Melanie Walker, Monica McLean, Mikateko Hoppener, Patience Mukwambo

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