The department strives towards an active learner-centred teaching environment, founded on leading research as positive contribution, and service to the community.


The department distinguishes itself as outstanding:

  • in the area of teaching through the effective preservation of balance between the entrenchment of theoretical and practical requirements in order to deliver well-rounded students.
  • in the area of research through actual research on relevant issues in the discipline that culminates in textbooks, articles, papers, and teaching with the objective to serve the community optimally as part of our social responsibility.


The field of Mercantile Law encompasses that section of the law that deals with aspects relating to the world of trade and commerce.

Specific modules in Mercantile Law include, among others:

  • Instruments of Payment Law, dealing with cheques, travellers’ cheques, etc.
  • Law of Business Enterprises, where students learn about partnerships, close corporations, companies, and trusts, and how these entities function in the legal world.
  • Labour Law, which has become an absolute necessity for any entrepreneur or manager – this field grows more important each day and encompasses all the rules applicable to the relationship between employers and employees.
  • Tax Law, which deals with what is owed to the Revenue Service and when and why to pay it.
  • Insurance Law, where students find out more about items and interests that can be insured, as well as how the law functions to treat the insurer and the insured fairly.
  • International Economic Law, which introduces students to the field of international trade transactions and the international protection of investments.
  • Insolvency and Liquidation Law, where students will learn about dissolving business ventures due to insolvency and also how to sequestrate the estates of persons.
  • Mercantile contracts, insurance, and consumer law, where students are introduced to the law applicable to day-to-day commercial transactions.


Dr Manie Moolman
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