Ann-Marie Bathmaker



Ann-Marie Bathmaker is Professor of Vocational and Higher Education at the University of Birmingham, UK. Her research focuses on questions of equity and inequality in vocational, post-compulsory and higher education, particularly in relation to social class. She is part of the research team for the Miratho Project ( in South Africa, which is investigating inclusive higher education learning outcomes for rural and township youth. Her recent work includes a study of higher education, social mobility and social class in England (the Paired Peers project), a study of the role and purposes of vocationally-oriented University Technical Colleges for 14-19 year olds in England, and research examining constructions of knowledge in general vocational qualifications. She was the specialist advisor to the House of Lords Select Committee on Social Mobility School to Work (2015-2016), and she is the editor of the Journal of Vocational Education and Training.

Sandra Boni


Sandra Boni

Sandra Boni is an Associate Professor at the Departamento de Proyectos de Ingeniería (Department of Projects Engineering) at the Universitat Politécnica de Valencia, Director of the Máster Interuniversitario en Cooperación al Desarrollo de la UPV (Master in International Cooperation), and Convenor of the PhD Programme in Local Development and International Cooperation. Her main research interests are in the area of human development, university, development education, international cooperation, project planning, grassroot social innovation, and action research. Prof Boni is currently Associate Editor: Journal of Human Development and Capability (2009-) and Iberoamerican Journal of Development Studies (2012-); Secretary of Red Española de la Red de Estudios en Desarrollo (2011-); and Vice-President of the International Development Ethics Association (2011-). 

Monica McLean


Monica cropped

Monica McLean is Professor of Higher Education at the University of Nottingham, UK. Her research interest is in how university education can reproduce or interrupt inequalities. She has published widely about higher education curriculum and pedagogy. Recent funded projects are: ‘Higher Education and Poverty Reduction in South Africa’ (Economic and Social Research Council [ESRC] /Department for International Development [DfID], 2008-2010); ESRC-funded ‘Pedagogic Quality and Inequality in Undergraduate Degrees’ (ESRC, 2008-2012); ESRC/NFR International Partnership: ‘UK academic’ in a team focusing on ‘Students’ experience of HE’ in South Africa ( 2016-2018); ESRC/DiFD ‘. She is currently part of the research team for the Miratho Project ( investigating inclusive higher education learning outcomes for rural and township youth in South Africa (ESRC/DFID 2016-2020).

Enrica Chiappero Martinetti

Prof Enrico

Enrica Chiappero Martinetti is full professor of Political Economy at the University of Pavia. Director of the Human Development, Capability and Poverty International Research Centre (HDCP-IRC) at the Institute of Advanced Study (IUSS-Pavia) she is also former Vice-President of the Human Development and Capability Association.
Her main fields of interest are poverty and income inequality analysis and multidimensional approach to poverty, inequality and development with special reference to the Capability Approach and Human Development.