Name of SLP: Christian Leadership in Contemporary Context
SLP Code: TCLC1502S


Short Description of the SLP: The main content of this SLP is about understanding the essence of leadership particularly from a Christian perspective. The approach to leadership studies in this SLP is contextual because even though Biblical understanding of leadership is essential, it is engaged in the context of African context and developments in the organizational leadership studies. In order to assist participants to understand the essence of leadership; knowledge content is provided on the themes such as conceptual understanding of leadership, core functions and methods of leadership, the character of leadership and interaction of a leader and follower. This knowledge content is structured in such a way that it challenges participants’ conceptual understanding of leadership in order to bring about mind shift in the understanding of the essence of Christian leadership. The SLP does not end with only providing knowledge content of Christian leadership, it also mobilises participants towards linking knowledge acquired from the SLP with practice. This means students through teaching and learning activities are encouraged to link and reflect on their experience of leadership within the context of the knowledge acquired from this SLP. Again, from this SLP participants are also provided with skills of dealing with conflicts and exercising a positive influence on their followers and context. These skills are provided with a purpose that participants must be able to apply them in their own context and enhance their leadership influence and impact.
Admission Requirements: Ability to read, speak and write in English.
Basic computer literacy is required.
National Senior Certificate is recommended.
Learning Duration: 6 - 8 Weeks 
Costs: To be confirmed upon request
Language of Tuition:English
Mode of Delivery: Online 
Campus: Bloemfontein
Learning Level:
Dates of Programme: To be confirmed upon request
Nature of Programme: Competence
Programme Structure: Define Christian leadership and its related concepts;
Delineate core functions of Christian leadership;
Explain various methods of Christian leadership;
Describe character of Christian leadership;
Explain various ways Christian leadership may exercise influence;
Discuss interaction of a Christian leader and follower; and
Acquire skills in resolving conflicts as a Christian leader.
Assessments: To be confirmed upon request 


Academic Entity: Shepherd Centre: Faculty of Theology & Religion 
Contact Person:Sinovuyo Mogwasi 
Telephone:+27 51 401 9254 

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