Name of SLP: French Foreign Language Acquisition for Beginners (Part 2)
SLP Code: FRAN1522S


Short Description of the SLP: The competencies of this SLP build on previous knowledge of French (covered In FRAN1512S) and completes the basic level of language acquisition as set by the Common European Framework for Language Referencing (CEFL), and enables the student to complete international accredited DELF examinations that adhere to the standards set out in the CEFL.
Admission Requirements: Participants are subjected to comply with the specific admission 
requirements as set by the University/Faculty for undergraduate study on NQF Level 5. The minimum entry requirements is the National Senior Certificate (NSC) or the National Certificate (Vocational).
Learning Duration: 13 Weeks 
Costs: To be confirmed by Academic Entity upon request
Language of Tuition:French / English
Mode of Delivery: Face to face
Campus: Bloemfontein
Learning Level: 5
Dates of Programme: To be confirmed by Academic Entity upon request
Nature of Programme: Competence
Programme Structure: 52 Hours of face to face lectures
Assessments: Tests, assignments, oral presentations and quizzes


Academic Entity: Afrikaans and Dutch; German and French
Contact Person: Albertus Barkhuizen
Telephone: +27 51 401 2538

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