Name of SLP:Conflict Competency Development 
SLP Code: ASCC1502S 


Short Description of the SLP: The SLP enables attendees with conflict competency skills, addressing several factors necessary for managing various permutations of conflict and promoting conflict-sensitive development. The content of the SLP covers general dynamics of conflict, conflict analysis skills, mediation skills, negotiation skills, skills about conflict-sensitive development, and risk analysis.
Admission Requirements: National Senior Certificate
National Certificate (Vocational)
Learning Duration: 5 days
Costs: To be confirmed by Academic Entity upon request
Language of Tuition:English
Mode of Delivery: Face-to-face
Learning Level: 5
Dates of Programme: To be confirmed by Academic Entity upon request
Nature of Programme: Competence
Programme Structure:

The course is offered over a five-day period, inclusive of lecturing, group work and practical exercises. The course covers the following six learning units:

  1. Conceptual orientation
  2. Conflict Analysis
  3. Mediation Skills
  4. Negotiation Skills
  5. Conflict Sensitivity
  6. Organisational/Conflict Contexts
Assessments: In-course exercises
Portfolio of Evidence (POE)


Academic Entity: Centre for Gender and Africa Studies
Contact Person:W Ellis 
Telephone: +27 51 401 2470

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