Name of SLP:Dutch Language Acquisition for South Africans
SLP Code: AFNK1502S


Short Description of the SLP: Dutch language acquisition short learning programme for South Africans with prior (basic) knowledge of Afrikaans 
Admission Requirements: Persons older than 16 years of age; NSC matric certificate or equal qualification
Learning Duration:

Blended learning programme: 7 weeks;
Online programme: 14 - 20 weeks

Costs: To be confirmed by Academic Entity upon request
Language of Tuition:Mostly Dutch and some clarification in Afrikaans and English
Mode of Delivery: Blended learning: 7 weeks on Bfn campus OR
Only online: 14 - 20 weeks
Campus: Bloemfontein
Learning Level: 5
Dates of Programme: To be confirmed by Academic Entity upon request
Nature of Programme: Competence - leads to enrolment for international Dutch exam
Programme Structure:

Four one-hour contact sessions per week; facilitated by Dutch-speaking academic facilitator for a total of 7 weeks on UFS Bloemfontein campus – blended learning approach OR
Online 14 - 20 week structure: weekly assignments to be completed in 14 - 20 weeks with remote academic support by Dutch-speaking facilitator

Assessments: Grammar and comprehension tests; self-study exercises; audio and dialogue exercises; pronunciation test, Vocabulary tests; film receptions; Oral assessment Final assessment test on grammar and translation from Dutch 


Academic Entity: Department Afrikaans and Dutch, German and French
Contact Person: Prof Angelique van Niekerk
Telephone: +27 51 401 2816 / +27 82 477 7850

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