Name of SLP: Disaster Risk Assessment Using Geographical Information System
SLP Code: DGIS1500S


Short Description of the SLP: The purpose of this course is to capacitate (and teach) disaster management practitioners with the necessary skills to conduct a scientific disaster risk assessment utilising the geographic information systems, as prescribed by National Disaster Management Framework of 2005 (Key Performance Area (KPA) 2.
Admission Requirements: NQF Level 4
Learning Duration: Five days
Costs: To be confirmed by Academic Entity upon request
Language of Tuition:English
Mode of Delivery: Hybrid 
Campus: Bloemfontein
Learning Level: NQF Level 5 
Dates of Programme: To be confirmed by Academic Entity upon request
Nature of Programme: Competence
Programme Structure:

The SLP content comprises of the following:
- Disaster risk theory.
- Geographical Information Systems (GIS) theory.
- Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) techniques to do disaster risk assessment.
- Introduction to use spatial data to do disaster risk assessment
- Disaster risk assessment project planning.
- Incorporating indigenous knowledge into Geographical Information Systems (GIS) assessment

Assessments: Competence


Academic Entity: Disaster Mangement Training and Education Centre for Africa (Dimtec)
Contact Person: Alice Ncube
Telephone: +27 51 401 9701

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