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Dr Matthew Huber
Senior Lecturer
Dept Geology
IB 52
Geology 325



Publications (Short List)

Huber M.S., Koeberl C., Smith F.C., Glass B.P., Mundil R., and McDonald I. 2019. Geochemistry of a confirmed Precambrian impact ejecta deposit: The Grænsesø spherule layer, South Greenland. Meteoritics & Planetary Science.


Huber M.S. and Byerly G.R., 2018. Volcanological and petrogenetic characteristics of komatiites of the 3.3 Ga Saw Mill Complex, Weltevreden Formation, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa. South African Journal of Geology 121:463-486.


Kovaleva E., Huber M.S., and Zaccarini F. 2018. Petrography and geochemistry of coarse-crystalline veins within Vredefort Granophyre, Vredefort Impact Structure, South Africa.  South African Journal of Geology. 


Kovaleva E., Huber M.S., Fourie F., and Pittarello L. 2018. Comparative study of pseudotachylite microstructures in felsic and mafic rocks from the Vredefort Impact Structure, South Africa.  Implications for experimental studies.  South African Journal of Geology. 


Kovaleva E., Huber M.S., Roelofse F., Tredoux M., and Praekelt H.  2018.  Pseudotachylite vein in a clast in the Vredefort Granophyre: Characterization, origin, and relevance.  South African Journal of Geology.  121:51-68.


Mueller S., Kueppers U., Huber M.S., Hess K., Poesges G., Ruthensteiner B., Dingwell D. 2018.  Aggregation in particle rich environments: a textural study of examples from volcanic eruptions, meteorite impacts and fluidized bed processing.  Bulletin of Volcanology, 80:32.


Huber M. S. and Koeberl C.  2017. Accretionary Lapilli from the Sudbury Impact Event.  Meteoritics and Planetary Science, 52, 1257-1276.


Losiak A, Wild E.M., Geppert W.D., Huber M.S., Jõeleht A., Kriiska A., Kulkov A., Paavel K., Pirkovic I., Plado J., Steier P., Välja R., Wilk J., Wisniowski T., and Zanetti M. 2015. Dating a small impact crater: an Age of Kaali Crater (Estonia) based on Charcoal emplaced within Proximal Ejecta.  Meteoritics and Planetary Science, 51, 681-695.


Losiak A., Golebiowska I., Ferrière L., Wojciechowski L., Huber M.S., and Koeberl C.  2015. WIP: a Web-based program for Indexing Planar features in quartz grains and its usage.  Meteoritics and Planetary Science, 51, 647-662.


Huber, M. S., McDonald, I., and Koeberl, C. 2014.  Petrography and geochemistry of ejecta from the Sudbury impact event. Meteoritics and Planetary Science, 49, 1749-1768.


Huber, M. S., Crne, A., Lepland, A., McDonald, I., Melezhik, V., Koeberl, C., and the FAR DEEP Science Team. 2014. Probable Vredefort ejecta from Karelia, Russia: A key to understanding Precambrian impacts. Geology, 42, 375-378.  


Galiazzo M.A., Bazso A., Huber M.S., Losiak A., Dvorak R., Koeberl C. 2013. A statistical dynamical study of meteorite impactors: a case study based on parameters derived from the Bosumtwi impact event.  Earth and Planetary Astrophysics, arXiv:1305.3531.


Huber, M. S., Ferrière, L., Losiak, A., and Koeberl, C., 2011. ANIE: A mathematical algorithm for automated indexing of planar deformation features in quartz grains.  Meteoritics and Planetary Science, 46, 1418-1424.

Courses Presented

Economic Geology (GLGY 3724) or "How did the valuable deposits form?"

Exploration Geology (GLGY 3764) or "How do we get the valuable deposits out of the ground?"

 Advanced Economic and Exploration Geology (GLGY 6863) or "How to think about economic deposits."


Elfrieda Lötter: Marketing Manager
T: +27 51 401 2531

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